Review: Clarins SPF 40 Day Screen

10 August, 2010

I know I may have done a review on this originally, but I wanted to update because I’ve now been able to accrue full-sizes of it, and I’ve really put it to the test!

This may seem to be a little bit of an extravagance to many. A $42 facial sunscreen? Moisturizers have it! But as I have found out the hard way, if you are planning on being in the sun or outdoors for much more than commuting and so forth, you need additional SPF. My Murad, which has SPF 30, works, but not for when I go to the beach. I need something more. Luckily, this fits the bill.

As someone who has had many relatives with skin cancer/melanoma, it’s imperative that I protect my skin, especially on the face, but also the more diligently I use sunscreen, the younger my skin will look. I don’t want to hit the Botox until my 30’s, so I have to protect. I actually should have started way, way younger, because the best time to start protecting skin is at birth, and to never stop. That, and sunglasses, will go a long way in keeping skin looking younger, longer. So yes, part of the reason why I got this is because I like my skin to stay young:)

The sunscreen itself is amazing-it doesn’t clog my pores, it doesn’t feel greasy, it goes on easily-basically, it does what I need it to do, in addition to protecting. I also love the packaging-the 1 ounce size means that it fits easily in even the smallest bag. When I put it on, I love the look it gives my skin-a sort of mattified radiance, if you will.

But what I love the best, though? It makes a darn good base for my facial makeup. I wore it when I went to an outdoor concert on Saturday-I applied the makeup before 10 AM, and removed 12 hours later. I was outside for 6+ hours, and it was VERY rainy. (I was wearing a poncho, but still) Even during the day, I can sometimes have fading, so I expected that there would be a little with these. No fading whatsoever-my makeup did not budge once during the day, aside from my lip stuff which ALWAYS does. I have yet to put it to the water test (ie swimming) but that will be this weekend.

The question is, though, is it worth the $42 price tag? To me, yes. Not only for the priming aspect of it, but also the fact that it’s an investment into a future of good skin. If I shell a little more out now so that I can save later on the plastic surgery and injectables, I’m more than willing to do so. Add in the portability and well, I’m set. However, it’s totally a case of “your mileage may vary”.


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