OPI Burlesque: Holiday 2010

3 August, 2010

So if I am not mistaken, this is the holiday collection, however I have heard it’s coming out in September (the nail supply I frequent has the chipboards already, and it said Holiday on there), and be warned: this is absolutely insane. Forget Swiss, this is where it’s at.

The inspiration is the movie of the same name, starring Christina Aguliera and Cher, and this collection is for the casual nail fans, who may buy a few polishes a year, and the collectors/fanatics like myself alike: it features six glitters, in the vein of the Alice in Wonderland glitters, and 6 metallics/chromes. And no, there is no escaping these. Even the usual reds and pinks are must-haves, since I don’t recall OPI doing a ton of full-on metallics.

The shades, and my impressions from the chipboard that I saw:

Glow Up Already-This is a fairly thin (I would do 3-4 coats) green glitter. Colour-wise, the glitter reminds me of that in China Glaze’s He’s Going In Circles, but more green-y (the Kaleidoscopes have tended to be more silver-y in my experience, and I own 8 of them). This is a favourite, though, because it’s very unique.
Bring On The Bling-This will be a hit as well-hell, all the glitters will be, I can’t ignore that. It’s a gold, and all the glitters in this do have other colours in it, so it’s not a mono glitter. I can’t remember off the top of my head what they are for each one, but I think this may have some light blue.
Simmer & Shimmer-A lighter blue glitter than Absolutely Alice.
Show It & Glow It-This is the one I feel would most easily be duped by other polishes, as I find it similar to Sephora’s It’s Bouquet With Me.
Sparkle-icious-It seemed to be a pinker version of Mad as a Hatter, although still pale. It did have a lot of multi glitter in there, though, and of these I think this may go the fastest.
Extra-va-vaganza-This one is more of a neutral-sorta orangey, but not Brights Power orange.

And the metallics:Rising Star-This is very pretty-a orange-toned gold. It’s definitely not like China Glaze’s Twenty Four K.
Let Me Entertain You-This one will also go fast. It’s bright fuschia-ie Pompeii Purple or close (my memory fails me, it could be Flashbulb Fuschia for all I know).
Ali’s Big Break-The token red, which I feel drawn towards. What can I say, a red chrome is so sexy.
Tease-y Does It-This one is not my favourite-it’s a burgundy, and I’m not a burgundy girl (admittedly). It’s still pretty in the chrome-ish look, though.
The Show Must Go On-Another sure sellout, it’s a brighter pink, that I would put closer to It’s All Greek To Me.
Take The Stage-This was my personal favourite of the chromes-it’s a true orange, along the lines of Tangerini Bikini (a must-have IMO)

As soon as this hits ULTA I will post about it, because I will be getting ALL of these.


2 Responses to “OPI Burlesque: Holiday 2010”

  1. Anglebaby Says:

    hmm, interesting. i’ll stick with your previously post, it is a favorite!

  2. Ladygaga Says:

    Thank you very much! I am delighted of your lovely words!

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