No Fab Felines Launch Party:(

30 July, 2010

At least for me, that is. Other MAC freestanding stores may or may not be having them, but I was a little suspicious that something was up because this is when I normally get my invite for the event. Of course, it helps working right by the MAC counter, so I can always pop in and ask when unveilings are.

First up, though, a refresher on the differences:
Event: Typically over a Friday-Sunday period. You can book appointments, and the artists will be doing looks with the products from the collection. It’s basically a “try the new stuff” thing. It is generally $50, but redeemable in product. Some markets may be more or less, so just check. They also may take walk-ins, although it’s dependent on the number of artists.
Unveiling: Typically in an evening, it’s an opportunity to see the collection before it officially hits counters. (BTW, no displayer yet for these, although I DID see Nail Trend. More on that later) I went over this more in detail in previous posts, but they are definitely a “see and be seen” sort of thing.

However, I got told today that there’s no party after all. Apparently the wrong date was given, but then they were told that they would get Venomous Villains. (THAT will bleed me dry) Then they decided to give the VV unveiling to the other store in the area…which annoys the crap out of me.

I can look forward, though, to not only saving for VV but getting the polishes in Nail Trend, and it’s thanks to only wanting 3-4 things from FF. (Docile, Best of Breed, the green lipglass, and maybe one of the green Superslick liners)


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