New OPI Designer Series: Magic & Radiance

28 July, 2010

Alrighty, as the fall is approaching it means that OPI is bringing out some new Designer Series polishes-but for those of you hoping for a full new displayer, I’m the bearer of bad news: it is just two new shades, Magic and Radiance.

Neither of them, sadly, is a full holo-actually, I dunno if they are holo AT ALL. Glow and Mystery were not, so I have reason to believe that these won’t be, either.

First up is DS Magic. Keep in mind, all I have seen of these is an ad in InStyle. Anywhoo, this is a bright royal blue. I have neither Glamour nor Fantasy, so this will help…somewhat. This is an absolute for-sure need, since I love my royal blues. A lot.

Second is DS Radiance, which is looking to be a gold version of DS Glow, although I may be wrong. It looks like it is replacing DS Coronation on the displayer, which I honestly never use since I have DS Shimmer AND China Glaze Sexagon, bought on the same day:)

The other non-returner is DS Treasure, which is fine by me: it is not great on its own, but as a layering polish it is awesome. Not only that, but I have done a few custom blended colours, and it is amazing for that (although you want to use sparingly, what with the $12.50 price tag).

What do I want to see? More holos, like the first round. Also brights-a true red, a primary yellow, a orange, and a lime green. Also a hunter green would be nice. I would love to see them maybe have a displayer of them all out, or at least available for salons while stores like ULTA would get the current displayer. Seriously, though, a yellow. I’ve tried to blend it myself, to no avail. Yellows are difficult.


One Response to “New OPI Designer Series: Magic & Radiance”

  1. Tara Says:

    Hey there! I just received these from OPI to review, and they’re up on my website, so anyone that wants to see what they look like in person, come check it out! If you follow, you can enter my giveaway.

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