MAC Dare To Wear Now Online!

28 July, 2010

I’m so excited that it’s finally here-and it’s online for the taking (in store tomorrow). I am definitely considering getting the other two Dare To Wear Glasses that I did not order, however it’d have to wait because not only did I do a hefty order for this, but Fabulous Felines is coming up and THAT looks awesome. (Best of Breed lipglass, pleasethx)

In other MAC news, MAC will be collaborating with DC Comics for a Wonder Woman-themed collection. It will more than likely be the big spring kickoff collection, and I love it-bring in the most famous female superhero and do a collection based on her? I can only imagine the colours. Plus, the packaging would be awesome.

The MAC/Rodarte collaboration is getting reworked, after a big stink was raised regarding the names of the products. I can see both sides of the issue-it is an artistic vision, and it was inspired by the fall collection-but at the same time, well, it was done in poor taste.

Fabulous Felines will be having launch parties on the 17th of August. Book your slots ASAP, the earlier the better. Heck, show up early to line up because it gets crazy. This is a full unveiling, meaning passed hors d’oeurves, beverages (alcoholic with ID and non), and other fun things. At the Cult of Cherry party, I got an apron. For the Makeup Art Cosmetics, I got a poster with the image from the glitter/pigment portion. Last time, they had actual artists doing sketches of attendants at the event. Plus, you get to buy the stuff early! Also launching with this is MAC’s Nail Trend 2010, which is a capsule collection of 6 polishes.

And, your sellout updates:

The entire Alice & Olivia collaboration. I would have been more enthused if it had special packaging, but alas, the only things I really needed were Morning After and Partylicious. Speaking of the latter…I did a lip look using it. Yes, full-on turquoise lips. I may or may not do a special post featuring the lip look, but if you are someone who likes doing different things when it comes to makeup, then this is a must-try. Also, the colours that will be in Fabulous Felines are to die for.

In The Groove: Just By Candlelight and Stereo Rose. I skipped on By Candlelight because honestly, it’s way too similar to Glissade, which I have and love. Also, I’m more likely to be able to find By Candlelight at the CCO, whereas Stereo Rose won’t show up unless they happened to make more. I have quite a few MSF’s, and I really only use a few of them super-regularly.


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