Review: Lippmann Bad Romance

21 July, 2010

Finally, I get a chance to do a review on this one!

So here’s the short story: if you were hoping for this to be a purple version of Across The Universe…this ain’t it. In fact, it’s closer to Lady Sings The Blues.

Details: This was one of the two individual colours released for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This was apparently inspired by the Lady Gaga video of the same name, which is reason enough for me to avoid it. (Not a fan of hers) However, it looked SO PRETTY, and because I do nails for the girls from my church I figured this had to make its way home with me. I also work hard, so the almost $20 for a special occasion seemed like nothing.

The colour itself is a blackened eggplant/purple with purple duo-level (hex and mini) glitter. As with the other Lippmanns, removal is a beeyotch. How bad? Try soaking in the acetone tub for a minute, then soaking the other nails, then going for another minute (my tub has three openings) and using the fingernail to scrape off the glitter. That’s what you get, though…

I was hoping that this would be like Across The Universe, in that there was the jelly finish so that you got the nice multi-layer effect. But as I alluded to earlier, this is more like Lady Sings The Blues in that you want to have two coats to get opacity-but then it basically only shows the top layer. It’s almost a case of you want to have a polish down beforehand if you don’t want to basically waste the glitter.

The one positive I have about this is that the colour is super-pretty, and it’s kind of unexpected to see that sort of thing. But I think it could have been executed so much better. Either that, or I was spoiled as Across the Universe was the second one of the Lippmanns that I tried, and the first of the ones that got a full manicure. (Some Enchanted Evening was one coat over LPH matte, on the left hand only as that’s all I had time for). Is it worth it? Maybe. Would I pay retail for it again? No.


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