I Got My MAC Digi-Pops!

21 July, 2010

So I guess that Digi-Pops was the official name for the Anniversary Sale collection-however, I don’t consider it as much only since it’s not how it was in previous years. Sure, counters are now getting some Pro Pans and empty quads, and sure, there are the Dazzle lipsticks. It’s fairly small, but then again the palettes just ended up stinking up the CCO for ages. I think they still might have Novel Twist there…

Anyways, I got two of the Dazzle lipsticks (Liquid Lurex and Naughty You) and two of the Dazzleglasses (You Got The Look and Boys Go Crazy). For now, let me give some thoughts on them.

First off, on the Dazzle lipsticks in general: These are quite high-shimmer, and by that I mean it has a decent amount of frost. These are lipsticks that require you to plan your face around them, because the shimmer without the gloss makes a significantly larger impact IMO. They also, as predicted, feel a little gritty, but I like it. It’s not like rubbing Reflects glitter on your lips-no sir, but you still feel it.

The colours I got? Liquid Lurex and Naughty You. Naughty You is a bright salmon pink-think a midtone pink with enough bright coral thrown in to make it glowy. The colour itself is nice on the lips, and I love the dazzle aspect. It reminds me to break out my Tropic Glow (which I had bought a backup of and never used).

Liquid Lurex is a very, very unusual colour. In the tube, it looks like a frosty olive green. On the lips, it looks more golden, but with a hint of olive sheen to it. Do not let the shade in the tube steer you away, because this is one that would accent a tan quite beautifully. Also, because we are in a period where you can really get away with anything, colour-wise, this is one that is definitely a fun-to-have. By no means do I consider it an absolutely must-have, however it is sheer enough to where it is a colour where some look is warranted, and recommended.

Now the Dazzleglasses-both are completely different. You Got The Look is a pale tangerine with blue and peach shimmer. This is the sort of colour I had hoped for from Utterly Posh (which ironically also came back with this collection), and to me it seems sort of similar to Flurry of Fun from To The Beach. I will do a comparison swatch eventually, if time allows. On the lips, or at least over Naughty You, it’s not overtly pigmented, but I get some colour. And that’s fine with me-I have enough to layer it over.

Finally, there is Boys Go Crazy. This is absolutely insane, this goes in the Top 5 Dazzleglasses Ever for me. It’s a dark, dark purple (very vampy-think a step or two lighter than OPI Black Cherry Chutney) with rainbow shimmer. Literally. I see gold, pink, red, blue, orange! The good news about this? It is very pigmented. However, the bad news is that it does not apply evenly. I am going to try it over Go For It, because I have a feeling that will make a very good fall look. I also am going to pair it over a few others, just to see the effect (for kicks and giggles). Also, it may be pigmented, but you still see the natural lip colour quite a bit. It’s kind of a catch-22. I still think that this is one that deserves a look, though-and I traditionally avoid dark colours, but if I give something a chance, I just may love it.

The Dazzleglasses will only be available at Nordstrom, however I know that the Dazzle lipsticks will be at counters. I believe that they are limited edition however knowing MAC, things always get brought back. (Except for the two Dazzleglasses that I miss the most, Ms. Fizz and Pleasure Principle).


2 Responses to “I Got My MAC Digi-Pops!”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Hey! What did you think about Troublemaker? It’s similar to Naughty You and I can’t decide which to get. Besides, the testers were really crappy and melted sideways so I couldn’t get a decent swatch at all.

    • codekiki Says:

      I would definitely get Naughty You-I was not impressed with Troublemaker. Naughty You practically GLOWS on the lips-you almost need a radioactive symbol just for the lippie. Also, colour-wise, Troublemaker is more subdued than I would like. I was hoping for something closer to Trimming Talk, perhaps…but not even close.

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