The Year In MAC (So Far): January-June 2010

20 July, 2010

I can’t believe that I hadn’t done this yet, but that’s what working my bum off all the time does for a girl! Here’s my look at what the year so far has been, along with what I bought and what I still use!

All Ages, All Races, All Sexes: January
What I Bought: Nothing
Verdict: At this time, funds were limited, and it wasn’t my sort of thing. NEXT!

MAC in Lillyland: January
What I Bought: Florida
What I Still Use: I actually use it from time to time, if I have time.
Verdict: This is one I could have gone crazy on-but I showed remarkable restraint. I think that the eyeshadow trio, the orange Cremeblend, and a couple Lipgelees could have also gone home with me as well. I think that it definitely did stay true to the brand aesthetic, but at the same time I would have loved some special packaging as well as a tote or something like that.

Spring Colour Forecast: 11 February
What I Bought: 2x Electric Fuschia, Kumquat, Stacked 1
What I Still Use: Stacked 1 and Electric Fuschia get frequent use. Kumquat? Not so much.
Verdict: This was so all over the place it wasn’t funny. Some things were awesome-blush ombres and Stacked pigments, anyone (Kicking myself over the blush ombres still). The lipglasses and eyeshadows, though, were subpar for the most part. I thought the concept was great, and it was better than having a branded collection because we’ve had quite a bit of that so far this year.

Riveting: February
What I Bought: 2x Metal Maven, Full Fuschia
What I Still Use: Both of them, although Metal Maven isn’t an everyday lippie for me.
Verdict: As small as this collection was, I think it was important as an antidote to the more commercially wearable collections that had plagued the counters and stores earlier in the year-have a few things that not everyone may like, but the makeup junkies like myself will because it represents an opportunity for some uniqueness in the collection.

Too Fabulous: March
What I Bought: Nada
Verdict: I dunno, I’m kinda over some of the Mineralize blushes. I’m fine with Nuance and Love Rock, but otherwise I’m skipping. And Cremesheen glasses-not my thing really.

Give Me Liberty of London: 11 March
What I Bought: Shell Pearl…and that’s it.
What I Still Use: Sadly, I forgot about this one completely.
Verdict: This was a great little collection, I loved the packaging-but it was so dupeable to me, and nothing really screamed “GET ME NOW!” besides Shell Pearl, which I did not already own. I had also been on overload between Riveting and Spring Colour Forecast, in addition to kinda being more financially limited, so I didn’t do much. Not really missing any of it, either.Viva Glam: Cyndi/Viva Glam: Gaga
What I Got: Nada
Verdict: First of all, if it has Lady Gaga attached to it I avoid it. The only exception was the Lippmann Bad Romance, and it was because I do nails for other people as well so it would be a very popular colour. The thing is, though…I’m very choosy with my lipstick shades, and these don’t appeal to me, as much as I love the whole charity aspect of the Viva Glams.

Art Supplies: April
What I Got: Industrial and Undercurrent
What I Still Use: Both of them, very frequently
Verdict: This was actually quite the interesting little collection! I wasn’t keen on the Greasepaint sticks, but a lot of people loved them. I used this as an opportunity to try out the Pearlglides, and I love them. Wish I had gotten more when Suite Array came out (the first batch of them), oh well. Don’t like lipstain particularly, but can we talk the Pearlglides again? Undercurrent is so fab, it’s replaced some Urban Decay liners.

Prep For Colour: April
What I Got: Nothing
Verdict: Eh, pass. Nothing interesting here. Moving on…

Pret-a-Papier: 22 April
What I Got: Nothing
Verdict: It was quite funny, as I had planned to buy quite a bit from this when it came out. However, after thinking about it and really looking at things, I passed and instead, I bought a new 15-pan and then a couple pans to go in there. This was a great collection, don’t get me wrong-but there wasn’t anything that really felt like I needed to have it.

Superglass: May
Verdict: I absolutely hated these. I love Dazzleglass, I love shimmer-but these were downright gaudy. The texture was so disgusting-I love flaky glitter in nail polish, but on the lips it felt uber gritty. The look was just tacky, which is why I avoided.

To The Beach: 27 May
What I Bought: Pink Rebel, Marine Life, Thrills, Flurry of Fun x2, Temperature Rising, Sweet & Punchy, Firecracker
What I Still Use: All of it, the lip stuff less so.
Verdict: Finally, a great and totally must-have collection. If there’s one thing I am regretting not getting, it is Hipness blush-but otherwise, this was totally up my alley. Lots of brights, and fun touches everywhere be it the heavy orange or the teal shimmer in Flurry of Fun. Marine Life is great, too, and since my Neo-Orange has been misplaced (probably left at church by accident) this suffices as a blusher.

I did not count the mascara launches, the pigment rollout, or things that were all repromotes (ie Tabloid Beauty). Of all of them, the only interesting thing was the pigment rollout-I love my Magenta Madness and Neo-Orange to death.

And as always, keep checking for more reviews. Hopefully I will have my stuff from the Nordstrom Sale soon-provided I can actually get over to the East Side to pick them up.


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