MAC Alice & Olivia Review

9 July, 2010

In my hubbub over Dare To Wear, I forgot to do a review for this! It launched with In The Groove, but it is only available at MAC stores and online (well, whatever you can get of it). It’s a small capsule collection, inspired by their fall range of clothes, and since I have yet to see any of Rodarte, this will suffice.

Let’s start out with the Dazzleglass Cremes. Are they nice? Yes. But must have? Not quite. I had originally intended on getting If It’s Pink and I Want Candy-however, after trying them all I wanted Sparklicious instead!
If It’s Pink was one that is a nice-to-have…however, it just lacked anything really special for me. With limited funds, it’s easy to skip. It does provide a nice amount of gloss and a decent amount of pigmentation, however with Gimme That having been preordered WEEKS ago, I stuck to that.
I Want Candy is my sort of shade, right? Here’s the problem: alone, it underwhelmed. It’s one that is worth a try, however it’s also one I would want to wear on its own, and it wasn’t yellow enough. I actually much prefer Goldyrocks Dazzleglass-it has the pearl I want, and a hint of the yellow. Again, a case of limited funds means no go.
Sparklicious is the most pearlescent one of the bunch-it’s a gorgeous pale pinky-white. Crazy pigmented, too, which is what I like about the earlier DGC’s. But do I really wear whites? No. This is one that I could go on its own, but the only lipstick I would see myself pairing it with would be my beloved, as in I own two tubes, Metal Maven.Now let’s talk the pigments. I had kind of figured that I would be going for Partylicious, and well, I did. As my MAC guy said, there were a lot more of Blue My Mind, and pigments tend to sell out faster, so I did the swap. And boy, was I happy! Partylicious is a bright turquoise blue-the closest comparison would be Mutiny but without the heavy silver, and three shades darker. There is, at least in the sun, a smidge of green/aqua duochrome, so it also kinda reminds me of Urban Decay Flipside, but bluer. I have missed out on so many good pigments that I wasn’t about to let this by.

The other two, however…I dunno, they just weren’t me. If It Sparkles is nice, but I don’t use my whitish pigments very often, and I’m still deathly loyal to Helium for an icy pink. Later is just not me. I had actually considered it, because I wanted something that would work for a smokey eye. I need to have some darks, after all, because I am intending to start freelancing at some point in the next year. It was sort of nice, but with limited funds, you have to really cut down what you want to the essentials, and I’m not losing any sleep over these.

Finally, there are the nail polishes. With how crazy it can get for some of them, I actually plunged and bought Morning After, which is a turquoise cream. No word yet on how it works out; I had bought a couple Spa Rituals on clearance at a drugstore and decided to use one for last night’s manicure. It was the sort of colour, though, that I felt my collection lacked the most. Military is nice, but here’s the thing: I love the OPI Suedes. I have four of the seven. I never wear black polish. No need to have it. So Rich So Pretty is a nice colour, but I heard it’s way thin, and it’s also the one that to me is the most dupeable-I mean, it’s a frosty purple. There’s a lot of those, and I still have yet to get Purple with a Purpose.

This is definitely worth a trip to the MAC store, but act fast: quantities are extremely limited.


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