MAC Dare to Wear Collection Review, with Swatches

8 July, 2010

Yet another advantage of being near the MAC store and doing my preorders is getting to see collections and preorder! It’s a vicious cycle, and these are just proof of that. This collection launches on the 29th of July (so three weeks from now) but see about preordering, as some of this stuff is awesome.

I’m going to talk about the eyeshadows first-each one of them is a crazy cool shade. Many of them are new, a few are some of the PRO shades, a few more are shades that became permanent this year, and there’s one lone LE repromote. They are:

Going Bananas-A frosty banana yellow that originally came out with C-Shock. I have this with the Manish Arora palette, and it is nice but you have to be very careful, as this can tend to get a film on top. The easy way to deal with films, though, is to take a piece of Scotch tape and take off the top layer-you’ll get a useable shadow again, and none of the other crap.
Shock-o-Holic-A bright midtone purple matte, I found this a little tricky.
Crazy Cool-The lone Veluxe Pearl in the collection, this is a bright pale lilac with shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous, and great payoff.
Zingy-A bright turquoise-blue matte, this is so dupeable it isn’t even funny. If you have Electric Eel or Clarity, you can skip this.
Sassy Grass-I call this a “primary green” matte, as it is like the sort of green you’d find in a preschool set of building blocks. OPI Green-Wich Village is very similar, to give you an idea of the colour.
Louder Please-A matte bright pinky-red, this seems dupeable enough to where if you have Sushi Flower and Red Brick already, you don’t need this. Red Brick is WAY superior, I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best mattes there is.
Lime-As the name implies, it’s a lime green matte. It’s quite pretty, and doesn’t seem the most difficult to work with.
Aqua-Now this is one difficult, chalky mess. I would like to try it with my 228, because I might get it to work that way, but it’s the reason why I hate most mattes.
Sky Blue-Mmmmmmmmm delish. The other frost in the collection, the payoff is great and this is a good excuse to skip some of the In The Groove shadows.

There’s also Winkle, Free To Be, and Atlantic Blue. I may or may not be missing one of the permanent shades, but I think that’s it.

Then…there’s the Dare to Wear Glass. These are worthy of attention-if you like Dazzleglass, you will NEED these. What these are? They’re basically liquid lipstick. Total opacity, thick formula, and PACKED with reflects pigments. In a nutshell, these are what I wanted Dazzleglasses to be when they came out. I got to try four of them, and of them, I am getting three. There are also two others, but they were not there yet.

Ban This! is a dark purple-it will be similar, colour-wise, to Boys go Crazy from the Nordstrom collection, but not as harsh. It is still very intense though, which is what I liked.
Bold & Brash is a red that is very comparable to Love Alert. It is bright, but still quite wearable. It is on the warmer side, but if you typically do cooler reds I’d still give this a try.
Gimme That is better than Ms. Fizz. Sure, it lacks the blue duochrome-but it makes up for it by being blue-toned anyways and brighter than all get out. Think Show Orchid, toned down one notch. Yeah, I bought this without even trying it. Also packed with a lot of reflects.
Wind Me Up is a sandy brown with reflects, although no blues. Add blue reflects to anything, and it makes it infinitely more interesting in my eyes. It’s the most “wearable” of the group, although these ARE Dare to Wear, so don’t expect your oyster pinks.

These are an uber-long tube, and thinner than the Dazzleglass. I would have preferred a brush-tip, but these are doe-foot sponge tips. If I am not mistaken, they are the same price as a Dazzleglass-$18.

Now for the swatches! I feel confident that I got it all in one shot-of course, Bold & Brash photographed horribly. Reds have a tendency to do so.

Top row: Louder Please, Crazy Cool, Zingy, Sassy Grass, Going Bananas, Lime
Bottom: Shock-a-Holic, Aqua, Sky Blue, Ban This!, Bold & Brash, Gimme That, Wind Me Up, Partylicious pigment (from Alice & Olivia)

What I ordered? I for sure have preordered Bold & Brash, Gimme That, Ban This!, Sassy Grass, Crazy Cool, Going Bananas, and then either Sky Blue or Lime. Verdict is still out on the other Dare to Wear Glasses, but I may end up with those too.


2 Responses to “MAC Dare to Wear Collection Review, with Swatches”

  1. kristie Says:

    Thanks so much for the review and swatches. This is very helpful.

    • codekiki Says:

      Absolutely! I like to be of help, and I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. This, unfortunately, did not require potential sugarcoating.

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