New MAC Collections Online

7 July, 2010

These will also be available in-store on the 8th-so get ready!

First up is the Alice & Olivia collaboration, which is exclusive to the US, Japan, and maybe one or two other countries. In a way, it’s almost like a reverse Manish Arora, which was only available in the US online and in maybe two or three stores. (I was damn lucky to be able to get every piece) It’s a small group, but they are all the sort of thing that is quintessentially A&O, at least judging by not only their runway fashions but the Payless shoe line which they have had going for over three years now.

Note: The names are a smidge different, but I refuse to do the funky uses of punctuation and so forth, thus I am doing them in regular English.

Pigment: $19.50 (already sold out)
If It Sparkles…-White with pearl
Partylicious-Turquoise with silver pearl
Later-Black with pearl

Dazzleglass Creme: $18
Sparklicious-Creamy pink-tinged white
I Want Candy-Bright yellow
If It’s Pink-Hot pink

Nail Lacquer: $12 (Military is still in stock, others are sold out)
So Rich So Pretty-Bright frosty purple
Morning After-Creamy turquoise
Military-Black suede (matte with silver pearl)

Then we have In The Groove, which is totally full of WIN. Expect a good amount of this to sell out fast, as well.

Mineralize Eyeshadow: $19.50
Fresh & Easy-Satin pink, burgundy pearl, satin blueish grey
Soften The Mood-Satin sky blue, pearl bronze-rose, satin tan
Calm, Cool & Collected-Satin beige, pearly green, satin deep green (A must-have)
Togetherness-Satin lilac, pearly blurple (similar to Parfait Amour), satin grey (very dupeable IMO)
Making It Easy-Satin dark beige, pearl beige-rose, satin terracotta brown
Love to Love-Satin beige, pearl bronze, satin midtone brown
In The Groove-Satin neutral green, burgundy pearl (think Cranberry), satin pale coral
Style Influencer-Satin silver, ocean blue pearl, satin mauve
Blue My Mind-Satin sky blue, pearl teal, satin black (A must-have, I actually put it in the pre order but I think I want Partylicious pigment more)

Mineralize Blush: $23
Happy Together-Satin caramel/beige pearl
Hang Loose-Bright pink satin/lavender pearl (must-have)
A Little Bit of Sunshine-Brown satin/golden bronze pearl
Band of Roses-Dark blue-pink satin/plum pearl
New Vibe-Deep plum satin/bronze pearl

Mineralize Skinfinish: $28 (yeah, not happy about that…they go up constantly, which I hate)
Stereo Rose-Coral with gold and bronze veining
Comfort-Chocolate bronze with golden veining
By Candlelight-Pale neutral pink with gold veining
Petticoat-Pale pink with raspberry and golden veining

Lipstick: $14 (all of them are Cremesheens)
Jazzed-Bright coral pink (This is already sold out; however if you love Vegas Volt you aren’t missing much)
Call My Bluff-Creamy coffee
All Styled Up-Bright warm pink
I Like It Like That-Dark blue pink
Go For It-Deep blurple
Creme de Nude-Pale muted peachy beige (Permanent)

Cremesheen Glass: $14
Chillin’-Pale blue with pearl
Fashion Whim-Pale beige
On the Scene-Pale coral beige
Right Image-Midtone blue pink
Going Casual-Pale sheer lilac
You’ve Got It-Dirty silver grey

In addition, there’s the following permanent items:
Powerpoint Eye Pencil: $14.50
Navy Stain-Royal blue with shimmer
Permaplum-Plum with shimmer
Stubborn Brown-Deep brown


187 brush


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