MAC In The Groove Review, With Some Swatches

3 July, 2010

So thanks to working near a MAC store, I went in to get some neon pigments-but I also got to take a look at In The Groove. All I have to say: this is one of the best collections MAC has put out in years. I said that about a few things, but this is truly amazing. If you were put off Mineralize by all the crap that was released-come back to the fold. More on that later.

There are six Cremesheen lipsticks with the collection. Creme de Nude is permanent, so I ignored it. Call My Bluff is a mocha colour, although not terribly dark-but then again, not the sort of shade I would typically wear. Jazzed is a gorgeous shade that seems like a more neutral version of Vegas Volt-definitely a coral. All Styled Up is one that I almost got, because it’s the perfect sort of pale bright pink, but I wouldn’t wear it that much. I Like It Like That was pretty and it’s nice to have a darker pink Cremesheen, but again, not bright enough. Then…we have Go For It. It’s a dark purple. Needless to say, this will sell out. I put it on pre-order, and this I actually did test on my lips. It’s very pigmented on its own, but it plays well with a variety of glosses and other lipsticks, so if you are too scared to wear it on its own then try it with some other stuff.

I also tried four of the Cremesheen glasses. On The Scene is quite pretty-it’s one that could work for a lot of people, being a coral beige. Seems like a weird combination, but I swear it’s purty. You’ve Got It and Fashion Whim-a silver grey and a neutral respectively-are definitely ones I see being popular with some, but not with me. Chillin’, though, will sell out. It’s a pale, pale blue, and alone it isn’t much. You have to use it over stuff, though, for the transforming powers to really come out-and come out they do! It turned the dark purple of Go For It into a bright lavender-so I’m a huge fan. One way of making it wearable eh?

There are five Mineralize blushes in this bunch, and all of them are wonderfully pigmented. Hang Loose is absolutely beautiful on, with a rose shimmer side and then a more satin-finish lavender. New Vibe-a bronze/rose duo-is a great summer shade. Band of Roses is great for pink lovers with the shimmery brighter pink and a plum rose. Happy Together and A Little Bit of Sunshine are also okay, but more “meh” to me.

Nine new Mineralize eye trios are here, and these are AMAZING. Literally. These feature NO CHUNKY GLITTER. I repeat, NO CHUNKY GLITTER. These are mostly a more satin/Veluxe Pearl finish, and the range of colours is quite great. Blue My Mind is a trio of a sky blue, a teal-blue, and a black, and after one swatch I was in love. Soften The Mood is another gorgeous one-I cannot get over the pairing! Too awesome. Sadly, my swatches turned up quite bad-as in not properly photographing them-so I will not have identified/better swatches until next Thursday at the earliest. I know, c’est terrible.

Finally, we have the big thing: four Mineralize Skinfinishes. Two of them-By Candlelight and Comfort-were in Warm & Cozy. Comfort is way too bronzey for me-I am happy with So Ceylon. By Candlelight, same deal. It’s a nice-to-have, but with MSF’s getting up to $28 now, I am not buying every single one. Stereo Rose is one I have wanted for ages, and it was about time it got repromoted. It’s a very orangey pink, from what I saw, but I love that. It isn’t a shimmer bomb, though, which is always good. Then there’s Petticoat, which is real hit-or-miss. By that, I mean it can look VERY metallic, which isn’t always a good thing. It’s a nice-to-have, but I recommend one that doesn’t have as much of the dark rose veining.

There are also brushes and other things, but they weren’t on the displayer. All in all, I have to say that this is one that deserves a LOT of your attention and money. The reason why I am not doing more of the MES is because I need something where I would use all the shades in a particular one-and many of them just don’t have ones I would use.

The four items I ordered were Stereo Rose, Chillin’, Blue My Mind, and Go For It.

And now…swatches! I can’t really identify most of it, to be honest, but I’ll do what I can.

MSF’s: By Candlelight, Petticoat, Stereo Rose, Comfort

Lipsticks: Go For It, I Like It Like That, All Styled Up, Call My Bluff, Jazzed
Cremesheen Glass: On The Scene, Fashion Whim (?), You’ve Got It (?), Chillin’

Now for the jumble. I can’t keep them all straight, but I tried to separate everything into their respective groups.

I did not get a chance to look at Alice & Olivia, unfortunately. I have heard, though, that Later (the black pigment) isn’t spectacular, but the DG Cremes are must-haves as is the teal nail polish.

I did get the neon pigments, as well-and I will do a separate review on those in awhile. It will take some time, though, so just bear with me.


2 Responses to “MAC In The Groove Review, With Some Swatches”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    In The Groove came out last Thursday here, and I was rather excited about it. I actually dreamt of buying Stereo Rose the night before, and I couldn’t sleep, so I went first thing in the morning! I was honestly the first customer to put my hands all over the testers and I got a Stereo Rose that was half covered in veins because I realised that it was a lot more pink on the veinless parts and more peach with the veins, and so since mine was half-half, it was like having two colours in one! Anyway they only had 4 per store so I’m really happy about snapping up one right away and choosing the MSF I wanted based on the veinings. I also got a Petticoat, but in a swap, and mine was also about half covered in the raspberry veins. I don’t think the metallic element comes from the raspberry veins- it’s more from the gold veins I think. The raspberry veins seem to be what makes it darker or lighter, and I wanted a Petticoat that would serve as a pink blush so I’m really happy with the one I got. I wanted to purchase Band of Roses because it’s such a pretty colour, but those little buggers were selling for 24 euros! I’m asking somebody in the States to CP for me Band of Roses, Togetherness MES and By Candlelight (I like it as a soft blush). To be honest, even though the MES are a lot more smoother and pigmented than they used to be, some of them are still quite sheer and a bit chalky. I wonder if it’s because I swatch them with my fingers instead of tap on them with a flat shader brush and pack them on?

    Anyway I do agree with you that this collection is certainly awesome. I haven’t been so excited about a MAC collection since uh… Style Black, but none of the lipsticks and the lipglasses were calling out to me. I felt that they were a bit on the cool side, even Jazzed was a little garish on me and since I’ve had my dose of corals with Spring Colour and Pret a Papier, I skipped it.

    By the way, I’m definitely eager to see what you have to say about the polishes from Alice+Olivia. As you know, they aren’t releasing internationally except in Japan so I’m probably CP-ing, if any of the polishes are worth buying at all.

    • codekiki Says:

      I typically only use the 228 to apply shadow, because it gets me the best results. I’ll occasionally use the 275, but I am a 228-a-holic. It’s one brush that for me is worth owning many of, since I like the control it gives. I also just picked up some of the neon pigments, and the 228 is the best brush for them if you are like me and avoiding the not-safe-for-eye schtick and using it (over primer) as eyeshadow. The 231, though, is amazing with MES from my experience. They need more packing on, and the small brush head allows control.

      The veining is super-important in an MSF, though. I will be damn sure to pick the one I want because it can really make or break it.

      As far as the Alice/Olivia polishes go, I am actually skipping them entirely. I am wavering back and forth on whether or not I really want the blue MES though-funds are low, and I may decide that I like the teal pigment better. Then again, if I do skip the MES I may get one of the polishes. The main reason why I am skipping A&O polishes is because I am getting the Lippmanns from the Nordstrom sale instead-I’m getting all of them except Bad Romance, although it may end up with me as well (with essentially full-time hours again, I can afford it).

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