Urban Decay Fall 2010

29 June, 2010

Alrighty, it has finally launched on the website, although retailers will probably not start getting it until August. Let me tell you though: there’s some really good stuff this time around!

Probably the biggest of the bunch are the brand-new Urban Lashes. On the website there’s an easy way to group them-there are the ones that have colour, the ones that are dramatic, the ones with a natural look, and what I like-the Easy category (“so easy an 8-year old could do it). The best part? All the lashes come with a wand-style glue applicator (goes iridescent then dries clear) and they are all vegan. The lashes:
Babydoll-A thick, spiky full lash.
Come Hither-A multilayered full lash.
Darlin’-A more “girly” version of the Babydoll, as in not as thick.
Enigma-Long, flared, more sparse spikes.
Girlfriend-A 1/4 lash version of the Darlin’, designed for the center.
Groupie-A multi-length lash (shorter lashes and then wispy spikes) with a purple underlayer.
HBIC-Full, long, feathery purple lash with black as the secondary colour
Hoax-Long, defined hairs with some short, sparse hairs at the base
Hot Number-A thick, natural-looking full lash.
Instaglam-4 pairs of 1/4 lashes.
Instaglam Technicolour-Like the Instaglam, but wth blue, pink, purple, and black.
Little Wing-Navy and black 1/4 flare lash.
Lure-Black flared 1/4 lash.
Minx-Cat-inspired full lash.
Plush-Extra-thick fan lash.
Queen-Ultra-long black foil lash.
Tease-3/4 spiky lash.
Vamp-Long and spiky with shorter criss-cross hairs.

Each of these retails for $16.

Next up is the Naked shadow box-featuring the equivalent of 12 full-size shades! It also has a double-ended 24/7 pencil as well as original UDPP-but let’s get to the shadows! This is a primarily neutrals palette, which a lot of people have been wanting. Me? Totally skipping this, as I don’t do neutrals. Anyways, the shade breakdown is as follows:
Virgin-Nude satin (New)
Sin-Champagne shimmer
Naked-Buff brown matte (New)
Sidecar-Beige sparkle (from the Book of Shadows 1)
Buck-Dark brown matte (New)
Half Baked-Bronze shimmer
Smog-Golden brown shimmer
Darkhorse-Plummy brown shimmer (New)
Toasted-Taupe bronze shimmer
Hustle-Mocha shimmer
Creep-Metallic near-black (New)
Gunmetal-As the name implies-a blackened metallic grey.

As I mentioned earlier, there is the double-ended pencil. One end is Zero (predictable), but the other is new shade Whisky, which is a shimmer-free version of Bourbon. This shadow box retails for $44, which is an insane value…me? I’m waiting for Book of Shadows 3.I mentioned this in a previous post, that there is an all-new Vegan shadow box. Retailing for $34 and coming with the ubiquitous Zero as well as Sin UDPP, it features six shades that are totally vegan: Minx, Urb, Gunmetal, Twice Baked, Half Baked, and Smog. If you have a ton of UD, or even a bit, this is something that is totally passable because it’s the same old, same old. But I love the thought, I just wish they had used some less ubiquitous shades, that’s all:)

Out with the old, in with the new! There’s a whole new range of brushes that have been released, and these are awesome. The handles and ferrules are made from recycled aluminum, the bristles are made from recycled PET bottles, aka recycled polyester, and the outer packaging is made of recycled egg cartons. The new brush range and prices are as follows:
Powder brush-$36
Shading brush-$26
Blush brush-$32
Finishing brush-$39
Blending brush-$26
Crease brush-$26
Liner brush-$24
Lip brush-$20
Shadow brush-$26
Smudger brush-$26

Admittedly, this has left me wanting more. However, Sephora DID come out with 6 exclusive shades for the summer stuff, and I realized that I never profiled them! (Bad blogger, bad) So here they are:
Free Love-A peachy orange shimmer (it is not comparable to Jones)
Woodstock-Bright, bright, pink, but darkened in a way if that makes sense.
Aquarius-Aqua green shimmer
Dashiki-Bright blue shimmer
Haight-Bright teal shimmer
Psychadelic Sister-Bright purple shimmer

These look to be permanent, and Woodstock is one that I need but keep forgetting about. Grr! Maybe after Nordie’s Anniversary sale, I can finally get these.


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