MAC Digi-Pops: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2010

24 June, 2010

I promised this in a separate post-so here you go!

This collection is different from the past, in that there isn’t really a colour collection. No palettes, either. It’s good in a way, but also annoying. Instead…we get brushes, Look in a Box, and Dazzle lipsticks.

First up, there are two brush sets. The first one, the Apply, Line, Define, has SE versions of the 212, 219, 227, 266, and 275. The other, the Apply & Blend, has the 168, 187, 190, and 194. The exciting thing? A super-classy patent look brush roll. When these hit the outlet, I will totally be buying one of them. They retail for $49.50, so no different than usual.

Next up are the Look in a Box sets. I’ll just go down what each one has.
Miss Violet-Mercurial MES, Pretty Baby Beauty Powder, Well-Dressed blush, Nymphette lipglass, and Zoom Fast Black Lash
Tawny One-By Jupiter MES, Refined Golden bronzing powder, Coppertone blush, Love Nectar lipglass, Zoom Fast Black Lash
Frisky Girl-Lovestone MES, Rose Beauty Powder, Desert Rose blush, Lovechild lipglass, Zoom fast Black Lash

Each one is $59.50, and while I would love another Pretty Baby and I have been regretting not getting Lovestone when it first came out, I can hold off on these, considering I would only use a couple of the products in there.

Finally, we have Dazzle lipsticks. These are an ultra-shimmery lipstick, but they don’t feel overly gritty on. These are definitely best worn with a bit of gloss, though. I did not swatch any of these because the testers were 800 kinds of falling apart. I did have Troublemaker and Baby’s On Fire both tried on me, however I didn’t like either. I may retry Baby’s On Fire, though, because it looks, colour-wise, to be passable for Port Red. I did preorder Liquid Lurex (basically Old Gold pigment in lipstick form) and Naughty You, because it was like a bright coral-tinged pink.

The shades:
Baby’s On Fire-A darker red.
Troublemaker-A dark fuschia.
Naughty You-Bright, coral pink.
Liquix Lurex-Green-gold. Yes, it is green.
Sweet Bits
Smash Hit
Hot Sass-A great darker orange.
Glaringly Hip
Infused with Glam

It’s certainly a great core set for a launch-I personally like the wide range of colours, how there’s some unusual ones in there.


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