MAC Dare To Wear: July 2010

24 June, 2010

If you love brights, this is going to be your thing-and we are talking crazy brights. These feature two products-Dare to Wear glasses, and eyeshadows.

The Dare to Wear glasses are a opague version of the Dazzleglasses. There are going to be six colours, in a nice mix of brights and a couple lights. They retail for the same as Dazzleglasses, so be sure to set the money aside.

Then we have the eyeshadows. A lot of repromotes, with some limited edition shades and PRO items as well. Here’s what I can remember being in there:
Going Bananas (frost, repromote from C-Shock and Eyes on Manish)
Free To Be (matte, permanent)
Atlantic Blue (matte, permanent)
Sky Blue (frost, permanent at PRO locations)
Lime (matte, permanent at PRO locations)
Aqua (matte, permanent at PRO locations)
Winkle (satin, permanent)
Sassy Grass (matte, LE)
Zingy (matte, LE)
Shock-a-Holic (matte, LE)
Louder Please (matte, LE)
Crazy Cool (LE)

Of these shadows, I did pick up Sassy Grass and then Sky Blue. For Aqua and Lime, I can certainly hold off on those for now because I would rather plunk down the money for them in pan form. I may also give Going Bananas a second chance, as I have it in the Manish palette and while I love the base colour, ca ne marche pas sometimes. Zingy is too close to Electric Eel, and the other ones didn’t really impress me that much. I also am getting some of the new pigments, so I can avoid the magentas.

This launches on the 29th of July, and as soon as I can get swatches I totally will:)


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