Review: VS Dream Angels Heavenly Flowers

23 June, 2010

Amazing what hunting the clearances can get you, eh? For just under $25, I was able to not only get the EDP, but the lotion and Angel Mist in this one. Could have gotten the solid perfume bracelet but it wasn’t really my taste.

Anywhoo, this was, if I recall correctly, the spring 2010 edition of Heavenly. My all-time favourite version of Heavenly will be Heavenly Kiss, but this is awesome for one main reason: peony.

Before we get into that, let’s talk the non-fragrance related deets. The EDP bottle is the same shape as the other Heavenly editions, with a light pink to rose ombre, gold on the metal details, and then a yellow flower cap. The Angel Mist has a wrap with some flowers on it, and a yellowish gold cap. The lotion is a squeeze-tube style, a more conventional body cream style packaging.

The box for the EDP is a clear plastic with flowers all over it. It’s pretty but at the same time, I hate that sort of plastic. It always feels rather cheap to me.

Now fragrance time! It features peony, sparkling pear, and apricot flower, but aside from that we don’t know what else. We have to assume that there are more floral notes, though. The lasting power is decent, and it’s not overwhelmingly light, even in the Angel Mist. This is one where I definitely suggest layering, if for no other reason than to get everything JUST right.

Is it really remarkable? Not to me. It’s not too ordinary either, so I definitely say that this is worth a look. The Angel Mist form would actually be a good summer fragrance in my opinion-it’s light, it goes on light, and it’s pretty.


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