Review: VS Dream Angels Halo

23 June, 2010

After looking at this and avoiding, and avoiding, and avoiding some more, I finally bit the bullet and picked up one of the two remaining bottles on the 75% off section. I’m not as keen on many of the Dream Angels originals, but when I looked and saw freesia and tiare flower as two of the notes, I was sold.

Packaging first-it’s the same ol’ classic Dream Angels bottle, but with a bit of a green hue. (It could be the perfume though-I know Desire has a purpleish hue) It’s nothing out-there, but that’s what I love about it-it’s very subtle, very classy. It comes in a basic cardboard/paper box, so again, nothing too special.

The fragrance itself, though-put it this way: it’s the closest thing that VS has to a classic fragrance, in that it’s something that only comes back at the Half-Yearly sales and people stock up like crazy on. It’s a very warm floral, but not overly tropical-it’s one that can work any time of the year. In addition to the freesia and peony, it also has fig, sandalwood, orchid, and vanilla. Explains the warm part, I guess:)

Lasting power is quite good-better than Desire, I found.

My verdict? Spray this on like you would normally. Wait awhile, then see how you like it. I hated it when smelling it in some forms (the fig, as I hate fig) but after trying it like a normal perfume, I liked it.


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