Review: VS Parfums Intimes Chiffon

21 June, 2010

Very rarely does a yet-to-launch or newly-launched fragrance give me a “Gotta Have It Now!” feeling-but when the VS Chiffon launched, I had it. If you combine two of my favourite floral notes into one fragrance, then it’s bound to be amazing. Heck, I typically like ANYTHING with peony or freesia, although I didn’t like the Very Sexy one that had freesia. I dunno, it was just too…not me.

And after enough dilly-dallying, because I never pay full price for fragrance (I have three times, but never again), I picked up the little spray, just to try it, and also to have something to keep in my purse. I also mainly did it cause I was cheap, to hold out on getting the perfume-but as soon as it went 50% off, I got it, and it’s not something I regret: it’s the perfect girly-girl fragrance.

Let’s start off with the basics: $45 for 1.7 ounces. Not bad by any stretch. The outer packaging is not the fabric-covered box that the originals came in, rather it’s a pink round cylindrical cardboard box with a flower print on it that still could be used as a catchall, although it’s not the luxury of the original PI fragrances. The bottle itself is a frosted ombre, fading from pale pink to a rose pink at the bottom, with a white frosted cap, and around the neck of the bottle is a lovely chiffon flower embellishment with a little rhinestone stickpin. Admittedly, I love the stickpin because it means I could make the flower embellishment into a brooch.

The fragrance itself is definitely very universal. When I think chiffon, I think glamour, but I also think of a bit of whimsy, and this delivers. It’s the kind of fragrance that a mum could buy for their daughter to be their first “big girl” fragrance, but it also could be worn by the mums themselves, and even grandmums. Freesia and peony tend to be on the lighter side, which is why I am glad they went for an EDP so that we at least get some depth to it and so that it packs a bigger punch. Lasting power is quite decent on this one, although what I like is to spray on the EDP twice during the day and then refresh with the mist.

Any negatives? Not exactly. I would love for there to be a totally expanded bodycare line in this beyond just lotion and sprays, and I’m so in love with this that I will buy backups, despite the fact that my fragrance collection is well, quite insane.


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