New Fragrance: Peace, Love & Juicy Couture

21 June, 2010

Last year, Nordstrom was the first place where you could get your hands on Juicy’s Couture Couture, which is one of my personal favourites. Now this year, they are launching the new one, “Peace, Love, & Juicy Couture” in rollerball form ($18), and I have to say, it’s kind of intriguing.

The whole inspiration is the sort of flower power thing that has been big lately-Urban Decay’s exclusive shadows for Sephora, as well as a lot of their summer line, had that sort of feel, and this is designed to be like that too. From Nordstrom’s website, I got the composition of the fragrance:

Top notes: Lemon blossom, black currant, hyacinth, sweet apple
Middle: Sambac jasmine, magnolia, poppy, linden blossom, honeysuckle
Base: Patchouli, orris, musk

Even though I hate patchouli and musks, this is one that I totally would give a try, for the sole reason that it’s a Juicy fragrance and I loved both Viva La Juicy and Couture Couture. It is available for pre-order now, but the sale starts in mid-July.


4 Responses to “New Fragrance: Peace, Love & Juicy Couture”

  1. JuicyGirl Says:

    Where can yo pre order the new Juicy? I see y9u can buy the mini rollerball now at Nordtrom, but I do not see the pre order for the full size bottles. The rollerball ships now.

    • codekiki Says:

      As far as I know, nowhere. I assume that this will launch in stores by the end of October, though, so I would call around that time.

      I also went to the Juicy freestanding store (that happens to be right next to where I work) and I actually tried this. Put it this way-I hate it.

  2. JuicyGirl Says:

    I was just asking because in the post above you said it is available for pre order..

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