Review: VS Parfums Intimes: Cashmere

20 June, 2010

When the Parfums Intimes came out, I wasn’t as keen on them. Sure, they seemed nice, and I liked the concept. But the fragrances-none of them really caught my fancy as being “must-tries”. Fast-forward to yesterday, and I found this one sitting in a 75% off bin. For that price-$11.25-I can’t exactly pass it up, so it came home with me. Boy, am I glad that I did!

The concept of the Parfums Intimes is to create fragrances inspired by some of the sexiest fabrics out there-the original four were Cashmere, Lace (orange flower), Silk (mandarin santal), and Satin (rose de mai). (There have also been Velvet, a Blackberry Amber; and Chiffon, a Peony Freesia; in the mix). This one-Cashmere-is a mix of vanilla, jasmine, and woodsy notes. This is definitely what I think of when I think of cashmere, while still maintaining a luxe feel. If they had added some shea butter notes, I feel that it would have cheapened the fragrance, not made it better. But that’s just me.

Packaging-wise, I love it. The bottle itself is a short, square bottle with no real ornamentation or anything, save for a ribbon around the neck of the bottle. It’s very sleek yet understated. It came in a little bag, which drives home the cashmere to me, and then inside of a lovely box. This ain’t your typical cardboard-it’s a thick box that is hinged, with a little button-and-loop closure making for a nice little trinket box. Again, very unadorned, very sleek. To me, these embodify the change in direction that the company started taking in early 2008: to combat falling sales, as well as the exodus of many longtime clients, they went from “sexy” to “sensual” with enough Starlet Panties to outfit the population of a small country as well as adding more glamour into the everyday. Sure, there still is the “sexy” but it’s not as risque-you aren’t two steps away from being an adult novelty store. Recently, there have been launches of the Miraculous bra (add two cup sizes with enough padding for a kids’ superhero costume) and other things, but it’s toned down from what it used to be. These embodify that, because the fabrics they are based on are more sensual. They’re meant to be savoured, as each of them embodifies a different type of sexy.

Let’s get to the scent, though: I love it. It’s hard to find a really good sort of sexy, sultry fragrance that doesn’t have amber or patchouli AND that I like. It is almost like a sandalwood vanilla, but the jasmine sweetens it. It also is a lot different from the Jasmine Vanilla that was an aromatherapy fragrance when I worked at BBW, in that there’s more vanilla, there are the woody notes, and it is just sweet, as opposed to being something that some podunk place would blend for you.

Lasting power is great on this, at least in the EDP. I didn’t try the mist out yet, but I still love it. The drydown is a little too light, though, so I respray every few hours or so. It’s definitely great to spray on for a date or other romantic evening, but it’s also workable as a daily sort of fragrance.

Long story short: This is a must for anyone who is a vanilla-lover.


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