ShopaHAULic Diaries: 18 June

19 June, 2010

I forgot to do this the last few times out…but I got some good stuff! This weekend, the shopping center that I work at has been having a big sidewalk sale. Very few places are totally skipping it-for some, it’s as small as just putting a table out with existing sale items. Other places, they get transfers just for the sale, such as a drugstore that gets tons of seasonal merch. We just started our sale, and we put about 10 racks outside of various pieces. VS also had a table with some of the 6/$20 bodycare-and they don’t typically take part in any of the mall events.

Speaking of which, I hit there really good, since the lingerie shop that has my size had no good bras on sale:( But it freed up some cash to spend, and I got:
Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine EDP
Chiffon Peony Freesia EDP
Heavenly Flowers Angel Mist
Heavenly Flowers lotion
A Beauty Rush gloss
A Beauty Rush cassette gloss palette
A mini Acai Berry/Magnolia shower gel
A yellow “LOVE PINK” V-neck tee
Appletini shampoo

Total for all of that, with tax, was $72. The glosses are for the girls at church-gotta stock up on things for them, after all! I am loving the perfumes-anything peony appeals to me, and two of the three fragrances have that. If I am really good, I am going to go back for the jumbo-size of Dream Angels Wish, which I have loved ever since it came out. I will eventually get around to doing separate reviews for the two of the Parfums Intimes that I bought-let’s just say that they are worth the money and then some.

Then it was the usual bunch of stuff at my store, and I got:
4 pairs of underwear
A cropped blazer with beaded button
A black lace-top dress with ruffle bottom
A purple sleeveless ruffled dress, almost a flapper dress
A new purse
2 reusable shoppers
Black linen shorts
A houndstooth T-shirt dress
A black skirt

I am loving the purse-it’s almost like a messenger bag, with two front pockets, two inside pockets, and all in a lovely faux leather. The shorts are awesome as well-I love a nice longer short, it makes me feel more put-together. Sure, it may age me, but they’re a great cut. The purple dress is awesome, with a fedora it’s very much a mafia girl sort of look. The spa (well one of the two) was having a deal where you could buy some OPI polishes for $5-and there was a big bin of them. I had gone one night and got four-Smitten with Mittens, Dear Santa, Suzi Loves Sydney, and Midnight in Moscow-but the first two were duds. Smitten with Mittens broke when the polish bag fell out of my locker, and Dear Santa was barely even full, and not only that but it was a totally goopy mess. The latter can be fixed with thinner, and as far as the first goes I have enough polishes to where if I only use it once or twice, I don’t feel terribly guilty. However…I still am kind of annoyed by principle. Not only that, but they were encouraging people to try on the polishes, which is a huge no-no in my book. I went back today to look, and they didn’t have those (putting out a ton of boring ones, although they had a ton of Cozu-Melted In The Sun and Brisbane Bronze, two of my favourite OPI’s) but they had Sahara Sapphire, which I wanted from Colourcopia but figures, it was always the first to sell out.

One of the jewelry stores had a deal where you could buy some loose gemstones for $20-so I bought a really nice trillian-cut citrine. What I will use it for? No idea. I am just happy to have the gemstone though, so that I can eventually think about what sort of setting I want for it.

One of the kitchen stores had a table outside, and there was a Build-a-Bear cake pan that allows you to have a 3-D bear cake. I’m not joking. For $15, it’s too cute to pass up, especially because everyone needs at least one fun cake pan. They also had some holiday spatulas, which for the price was unbeatable.

That’s it for this time, though. It is pretty light for me, because I not only have been a bit shakier but I also have to pay for my bus pass with this paycheck, because it expires on the 30th, and I don’t get paid again til the 2nd. Peace of mind, I say.


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