VS Half-Yearly Sale Starts Today!

15 June, 2010

I was going to try and do an early reminder post, but um…I forgot. I was going to a pub to watch Cote d’Ivoire vs Portugal, so I had to be out of the house no later than 5:05 AM. But it has started-and the sales are great! Some things to look for:

Swimwear-I went to two locations today, and one of them had sale bins of swimwear that for the most part were $15 and up, although there may have been some exceptions.
Bras-Most of them were more than the $20 price point, but still great deals. Unfortunately, I am sized out of VS bras now-I still wear the ones I have, only since full replacement will be close to $1000 in my new size. Sure, the bras are online-but it’s not as easy.
Panties-Most are $4 and up, which is nice but I have no need:)
Sleepwear-Most is around $20-$25, including Lacie pieces.
PINK-Didn’t check as much. One store had very little, the other had a lot, but the sales are not as great as ones before, to put it bluntly.
Beauty-This is the good one. There’s many gift sets for 40% off, a lot of Beauty Rush and other cosmetics 75% off, some of the discontinued/classic Garden stuff at a 6/$20 price point, and then quite a few 50 and 75% off selections.

What did I get this time around?
Dream Angels Heavenly Flowers EDP. For 75% off, can’t go wrong. Almost got the other pieces, but I prefer the EDP the most.
So Sexy mini hairspray-It was $1. Can’t beat it.
PINK Warm & Cozy splash and lotion-They were in a labeled 75% off basket, but only rang up for 50% off-but I pointed it out and I still got them at that price! I’m a peony fanatic, and this is a good one.
A white bandeau bikini top

Honestly, there are a couple really good days to shop: the first day or two, while there is still a ton of selection, and then the last few, because some items do get marked down further. Other items of note-the Satin and another one of the Parfums Intimes are 75% off, while Chiffon, Velvet, and another are 50% off. Dream Angels Wish, SLT Ooh La La, Heavenly Bloom, and a few others are 50% off as well. Also, selection really varies from store to store, so it’s worth hitting a few if possible. (Thankfully, there’s a very high concentration in the area to the point of being able to hit one PINK store and at least 5 regular stores in an afternoon, if needed)


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