The FatGirlSlim Challenge: Week 1

11 June, 2010

My first week of using the cream has come to a close! So far, I think I’ve been fairly diligent as far as things go so far. I am making sure to get my twice daily rubs of the cream in, although I’ve skipped a couple days on the scrub. You run through the cream FAST-I may be getting myself the economy-sized jars before much longer.

Anywhoo, I’m not noticing a ton of change when I look in the mirror so far. I do feel a smidge more firmness in my thighs though (anywhere is a start, let’s be honest kids), and when I look in windows as I am walking I do see a little less flab, a little more firmness and definition.

The one thing that is going to make it hard for me: I broke a toe on my foot-broken below the webbing of the toe-and when you couple that with having an hours cut, it is hard. I’m forced to wear a big ol’ boot (walking cast) on the affected foot and it is hard, but I might be losing some weight by having to lug that ol’ jalopy around while I am at work. I’ve been on somewhat of a light duty schedule so far, but I need to get back working at full-steam to hopefully see results faster.

I’m considering plunking down the $$$ on the Slimulator, which is one of those discs with massage nubs on one side and a handle on the other. It’s designed to help massage the cream in effectively, as well as stimulate the blood vessels and increase circulation in the problem areas that we are all afflicted with. However, paychecks won’t be good for awhile…:(

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