OPI Summer Flutter: Summer 2009

11 June, 2010

Sometimes, with how many collections OPI releases and how close together they are released, it can be hard to keep them straight-and you may think that the Brights collection that is done every year (Shrek, Paige, Night Brights, Mod About Brights, et al) is the summer one-but nope! This year, as was the case last year, is just a set of four polishes with a butterfly theme this time around.

This collection features:

Catch Me In Your Net-If there is one shade that will be a sellout, it is this one. I have heard that it’s similar to Zoya Charla, however Zoya is not readily available for many of us. Needless to say, you can’t skip this one just cause you have Sea I Told You.
Flit A Bit-The lone cream in the collection, it’s like you combine Essie Vermillionaire and OPI In My Back Pocket together. I don’t do a lot of creams, and I can skip this for now based solely on the fact that nearly every orange I own is a cream.
Flower to Flower-A nice midtone warm pink with faint shimmer. This one is really pretty, and I skipped it for now because it isn’t totally essential. It’s not overwhelming shimmer-wise, which I think makes it a helluva lot more universal.
Wing It!-A dark, cool pinkish magenta shade. It almost reminds me of the second installment of the DS polishes-Sensation and Perfection especially-because it seems to be on the sheerer side, and having multi-shimmer (but not holo) and being good for layering. Whether or not I am right depends on what the swatches tell me-I did pick it up, however I haven’t had time to play with it-or most of the newbies-yet. It does have a smidge of blue shimmer, which drew me in as I happen to be a sucker for blue shimmer.

They’re $8.50 each, and ULTA locations are just starting to get them. Trade Secret, for the most part, does not have them yet. Call your favourite store/beauty supply and ask them if they have it, and also if they can put a Catch Me In Your Net aside for you.


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