Urban Decay Alice’s Favourite Things Set

7 June, 2010

To commemorate the DVD release of the Tim Burton version of “Alice in Wonderland”, Urban Decay has come up with a limited-time set, retailing for $211, which has among other things, the Alice book of shadows (which I am a proud owner of, mercibeaucoup).

The set has:
Alice book of shadows-normally $52
Big Fatty Mascara-normally $20
Midnight Cowboy Heavy Metal Liner-normally $18
Razor-Sharp Finishing Powder-normally $30
De-Slick in a Tube-normally $28
Honey Sparkling Edible Powder-normally $26
Eden Primer Potion-normally $18
Kirk Pocket Rocket-normally $19

Nope, this isn’t a value set-I did the math, and you are paying the exact amount you would if you bought everything separately. Personally, I’d rather just get the palette, because I have the liner already, I’m not keen on UD mascaras, I don’t need the powders, and I only do bright, bright, bright lips. But if you use this stuff already and you want the Book of Shadows, then it may not be a bad way to go out.


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