Upcoming MAC Collections

6 June, 2010

Alrighty, so I just got a few tidbits on some things that MAC has coming for us this summer!

First up is In The Groove, which is a Mineralize-heavy collection with repromotes of the Warm & Cozy MSF’s, plus Petticoat and…wait for it…Stereo Rose! There’s also blushes and eyeshadows and so forth. I would say that this is comparable to Colour Craft, but from what I have heard, way better. The Mineralize shadows are supposed to be more satiny, less shimmery. There are new Cremesheen Glasses as well, one of them being a pale blue. It launches on the 8th of July-I’ve already committed a lot of money to the other collections, but I’m dropping at least $100 on this.

There’s also a mini collaboration with Alice & Olivia. It’ll be interesting to see their stuff (three glosses, three pigments, three nail polishes), as the line has lots of quirks. It launches on the 8th of July as well.

In July, there will be a wider rollout of the Pro Palettes for eyes, meaning that all counters will stock the quads and then selected pan shades. There is also the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom, meaning that on the 16th there are new brush bags, new Look in a Box sets, and then all-new Dazzle lipsticks. They are going to be launching in August throughout the company (or so I heard) but Nordstrom gets them first. With the collection, there are also several new Dazzleglasses and a few repromotes too.

The 29th of July brings Dare to Wear, which features not only Dare to Wear glosses (like Dazzleglass but opague), but also BRIGHT SHADOWS. Some are repromotes (Going Bananas, Free to Be, Winkle, Atlantic Blue), some are PRO shades (Lime, Sky Blue, Aqua), and some are new for this collection. Apparently the matte turquoise is close to Electric Eel.

The mid-August collection is called Fabulous Felines, and its three parts are inspired by various cats. There are eyeshadow quads, all new (PERMANENT) liquid eyeliners, and more. The colour palette is VERY neutral with a few touches of colour, though. I like the concept, but nothing tops the Makeup Art Cosmetics.

There’s going to be a Nail Trend collection, with some reds. Can’t remember what else.

Probably the biggest collection, though, is Venomous Villains. Four parts, each with their own specialty items. Everything is going to be priced a dollar higher with this collection, apparently due to the packaging. Violetta lipstick is going to be in this, which is good if you’re like me and miss out on it every time it gets on the website.

Finally (for now), there is going to be a new PRO product-Acrylic Paints. These are in the Basic Line O’ Colours (read: same as Chromacakes, Paint Sticks, et al) and these seem, to me, to basically be a revamp of the old MAC Paints.


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