The FatGirlSlim Challenge

4 June, 2010

Today, I was going to buy the FatGirlSleep by Bliss at Sephora-however, there was what looked to be a better deal: the original FatGirlSlim plus the FatGirlScrub, in a pack together for $45-a $74 value. Can’t pass that up-and what better way to get to know the products? So I bought it, and for the next four weeks I am putting them to the test: using them twice daily on my legs, stomach, bum, and arms to see how they actually work.

The scrub is formulated with Himalayan pink salt-60%, to be exact-and it’s very pepperminty. Nice and invigorating, although it is a mighty small jar. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts. It says to rub it on wet skin, and they even have a diagram for how to rub it in (upwards and in circles). So far, it just feels like any ol’ salt scrub, although I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I just have the wrong technique.

The cream, on the other hand, is lightweight and absorbs in nicely, so no greasy residue. I definitely don’t expect results fast, but with my first usage of the combo-scrub then cream-I notice a little more of the lumpies and imperfections-which I will chalk up to the products and the massaging bringing to the surface.

The goal is to have my legs looking way better, as swimsuit season is here! Anything will help, and I am potentially going to replace one usage of FatGirlSlim with FatGirlSleep once I get paid next. I will keep posted on the progress, so stay tuned.

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