Review: Pop Beauty Nail Glams

29 May, 2010

I was VERY, very lucky to recently get my hands on two of these (and I have a third on the way)! Here in the states, these are very difficult to find-ULTA, which is the only local stockist for Pop Beauty, carries very little-and predictably, none of the nail polishes. Good thing that there’s a website ( that carries these, and with their recent F&F event I picked up Ablaze, Radioactive, and Yellow (that one being backordered).

The range of polishes is very tightly edited-and if you love colour, you’ll be very happy. Last fall they released three new shimmery/pearly brights (Ablaze, Brave, Radioactive) plus Twinkle, a silver glitter. In all 21 shades, there is ONE nude (O’Boy), three reds, and three pinks. Yeah, I love it.

Price-wise, these are on the level of most of the prestige makeup brands, retailing at $14 US for a half-ounce bottle where I bought them (but with free shipping) and $10 on the official website (no word on shipping). The bottles themselves are a basic rectangular bottle, which I personally love as opposed to the OPIs and China Glazes of the world, meaning a smaller footprint on my overcrowded desk.

Now onto the shades. I will try and get a swatch of Radioactive, but because it is so bright it is VERY difficult to photograph and get the shimmer at the same time.

Ablaze is a bright orangey-peach with a blueish shimmer to it. That alone, to me, is worth the price, because I have never owned a peach/orange with blue shimmer. Typically it’s gold, silver, or something closer, so the contrast is appreciated. This applied very well and nearly totally opague in two coats, which delighted me. Drytime is relatively good on these, too. Now when I say bright, I mean it-there is no skimping at all on this. It was very hard to get the colour right, but I chose this swatch because I felt it best brought out the blue shimmer.

Radioactive (swatch to come later) took more work. To me, it’s a definite three-coater because it is so bright and thus, a smidge thin, although we aren’t talking about the Essie neons or anything like that. This is, in all its glory, an unadulterated neon green. Not quite rave green, more like a grass green, green apple, or bright Easter green amped up twenty degrees. It does have a green shimmer to it, which I love as it helps set it far away from the pack. It does take a bit longer to dry-I had to add a fourth coat on my left and third on my right to get it so that the sheet marks were relatively minimized.

With both of these, they did dry a smidge flat, being that they are just below neon on the brightness level. One swipe with OPI DS topcoat, though, and all is taken care of.

So my honest verdict? I’ll have to get some more shades to see how good things are, especially creams and so forth. For now, though, these are definitely the sort of thing that you should check out.


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