More To The Beach Thoughts

29 May, 2010

Now that the collection is out and I have the first batch of things I am getting from it, figure it’s time that I share my honest thoughts! Swatching on the hand is one thing, but actually using it? Another.

Marine Life
The shimmer on this is just an overspray-and it disappears very fast. Literally with my first swipe of my 188, it lost the overspray on parts. I actually would have liked to see this WITHOUT the shimmer, because it seemed a little muddy at first but once the shimmer is gone? You are good to go. I can definitely see myself using this a lot, as I am trying to get over the “OMG BEAUTIFUL!” factor. I didn’t spend $26 for a paperweight.

This is actually very, very wearable. It’s a definite bronzed rose, so it works well for summer to amp up all the bronze stuff that gets piled on the face, but can work for afterwards. It was heavier bronze than I thought, but I still like it. It seems a smidge thin to me though-I have some frosts that are better.

Flurry of Fun
Was it worth me buying two? Absolutely. Ironically, one of the Pop Beauty nail polishes that I got in yesterday is almost the exact same idea, but in a fluro orange. Now THAT, that I want to see in lip form! Anywhoo, this is great. Over Metal Maven, it gives it a smidge of colour to make it less harsh but the teal shimmer really pulls you back in. Over oranges? Haven’t tried it yet, but I will today.

Temperature Rising
I actually did not own a single lip pencil before this, so it was a sort of thing that I needed especially for my brighter looks. I do like the lasting power, and it’s really easy to use and blend.

Sweet & Punchy
Mmm, everything I hoped for Lucky Green to be and more! That’s not to say that I hate Lucky Green, because I love it. This is more yellow though, and it goes on easily, stays on well, and behaves exactly like how a Veluxe Pearl should.

I thought this was more red at first, but to me this seems like a VP version of Sushi Flower-meaning a pinky-red. Again, good pigmentation, easy to use. If you like pinks this is definitely one that is essential to have!

What do I intend on getting in the next batch? Figure I can keep it to Hipness, Pink Rebel, and the 130. After all, we do have the Nordie’s Anniversary Sale coming in a month and a half, so I gotta do some mass preorders:)


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