VS Secret Moments

22 May, 2010

When I popped into VS today (sale lured me), I saw these by the register-a collection of fragrances that are designed to correspond with various moments in life/days. To put it succinctly, these are designed SPECIFICALLY to bring up memories, regardless of whether or not you have actually had them. There’s several different ones, and each one comes in four forms: body lotion, body cream, fragrance mist, and body wash.

The fragrances are:
At First Sight (violet and bergamot)-Designed to emulate the freshness of first love.
Island Escape (coconut and sugarcane)-Designed to emulate that beach getaway.
Room 504 (amber and passionfruit)-Designed to emulate those “Do Not Disturb” sort of nights.
Good Day Sunshine (peach and blue freesia)-Designed to emulate those sunny, optimistic days.
Kissing in Paris (iris and fresh dew)-Designed to emulate those romantic days.
Girls’ Night (peony and waterlily)-Designed to be uber-girly, like a night on the town.

I tried out the Girls’ Night, and it’s really, really nice and crisp and fresh. I got a mini of the body cream and well, this is one I may have to purchase in the full size. It absorbs in fast and the smell is perfect for summer-crisp, fresh, and not overly strong. Oh yeah, and I love peony and waterlily. The only other one I might wear would be Kissing in Paris, and maybe Island Escape or At First Sight, because there are just things in the others that I can’t/don’t really do.

Currently, these are 3/$21 on the website, and I think it’s similar in-store, if not a little more.


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