VS Dream Angels Coffret

20 May, 2010

As a fan of many of the Dream Angels fragrances, when I saw this I immediately get excited. What it is-it’s a boxed set containing 8 quarter-ounce perfume sprays (the sizes that are typically in GWP’s) and it retails for $58, but it’s on sale for $43.50. When you look at the fact that you’re getting essentially two ounces of fragrance for that price-it’s a damn good deal.

Anyways, it has the minis for Heavenly, Divine, Halo, Desire, and four Heavenly offshoots-Heavenly Enchanted, Heavenly Flowers, Heavenly Bloom, and my personal favourite, Heavenly Kiss. I’m bummed that Wish isn’t in there, as that is probably my favourite, but they had to cut one somewhere.¬† I’m not surprised that Halo is back, because it comes back every single sale and it has quite the devoted following. Desire is amazing, although I admittedly don’t like Heavenly.

Also, the Half-Yearly Sale is on the website, but the one instores won’t be happening until the middle of June-I believe that the store start date will be the 15th (based on the last few years).


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