ShopaHAULic Diaries: 7 May

8 May, 2010

I’m not used to having to control myself so much financially-speaking, but this is definitely one where I do. Why? Mum’s Day, of course! And because I didn’t really get to do anything for her all of last year-or really most of the time-I went big this year and got us matching Tiffany mini bow necklaces. It’s a nice everyday style, it’s small, and it looks beautiful. Of course, because I got us both necklaces it puts me on a sort of austerity hold for the next two weeks, but whatever. Some people I work with said that the entire paycheck went towards their credit cards, so I feel lucky that I have a little bit of wiggle room.

Admittedly, I had never even set foot in T&Co before, but it was really friendly, if not a little intimidating.

Sephora had my birthday thing in-all Beauty Insiders get a little freebie on their birthday, and they really stepped it up. This year, it’s an eye set-a mini Volume Mascara, a Nano Liner in Silver Green, and a mini eyeshadow in Aspen Summit. In addition to that, I also bought a new atomizer. Didn’t realize it was a rollerball, but it may actually work better for the summer because I like the roll-on. Also helps to avoid startling the people at work, but I don’t care about that really. Learn to deal with my perfume, and stop whining. Back to the shadow, though-it may seem small, but it’s actually the same size as a MAC shadow. Of course, got a lot from work because we just rolled out a huge swimwear campaign. I got:
7 bikini pieces-four tops and three bottoms
A pair of linen-blend high-waisted shorts
A pair of black strappy pumps
A red ruffle-neck top
Three little tanks with fun food-inspired graphics
A graphic tee where the graphic is the “Born In The USA” album cover

Definitely that will be the most spending I do, with the exception of maybe another pair of flats or two.

I also went to MAC, where it was refill time! I lost my original 15-pan palette somewhere in my room (it had a few pans as well), so it was time to get another because I was overflowing out of my two quads. I also needed a pan of Crystal Avalanche because I am thisclose to running out, and I also picked up a pan of Satellite Dreams. I try and pick up two pans every paycheck, it helps to complete my collection-although next time I may have to buy an additional 15 just to have it on hand.

Finally (I said this was short comparatively) I did a big order of nail polish, which should come in the next two weeks. I got:
Man of La Mancha
Movin’ Out
DS Classic
DS Coronation
DS Diamond
DS Opulence
DS Original
DS Reserve
DS Sapphire
DS Sensation
DS Tapestry

Also got China Glaze Pom Pom-gotta have a pink glitter! This officially pushes me over the 200 bottle mark, and not to mention I will be using my ULTAmate cash in order to get the new Shreks, plus another OPI, maybe Purple with a Purpose. I also have a 20% off one item coupon, so I may as well get one of the DS polishes that I skipped originally. That can wait, though, until next time.


2 Responses to “ShopaHAULic Diaries: 7 May”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    How do you make sure that every bottle of polish gets some lovin’? I have 40+ and I already feel overwhelmed and guilty as hell.

    Anyway, a few posts ago, you said thou shalt waterline. I’ve started thinking that it is very true. I find myself looking weird without waterlining.

    • codekiki Says:

      It is true-it really can make a look more complete. I don’t like going for a super fresh-faced look, I want impact. I saw a look I did back in February and I did not waterline, and it really looked incomplete.

      As far as the polish goes, I change my nails daily, I keep a spreadsheet of what I have used, and I like doing multipolish looks. I still have a lot in my list that I have not used since starting my spreadsheet, but figure it’s about half and half. I also have a rule-if I have more than 15 untrieds, I go on a no-buy until I am below 10 untrieds. There are some NP fanatics who have hundreds of polishes, and half their collection is untried-I am not like that.

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