MAC Superglass Review

8 May, 2010

Now, normally when I review stuff, I try to get swatches-and for these, I actually did! HOWEVER…these were so abysmal, so boring, that they did not deserve swatches. But I can’t just leave you with that now, can I?

These are very interestingly packaged-it’s a hexagonal tube. I’m all for new shapes, bring it on! That, though, is the one saving grace about these. These are designed to be even blingier than the Dazzleglass, but here’s the thing: it’s almost better for you to dip your lips in Reflects glitter-and that would look a helluva lot better than these. There are multi-sized glitter particles, including flakies. Flakies are good on nails and craft projects, not on the lips. Furthermore, not only are these a sticky mess, but they are really itchy and gritty on. Don’t forget even stickier than the Dazzleglasses!

Did I even need to hit the colours? Only a couple of them are interesting in the slightest, and even then, it’s not worth it. I tried Cherry Electric on over Port Red and it looked hideous.

Bottom line? Skip these. Please.


2 Responses to “MAC Superglass Review”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Those aren’t coming in to Europe until July I think, and I was psyched about them being even more blingy than Dazzleglasses but your review has dampened my excitement a little. I was only interested in Cherry Electric and Totally Bang and maybe Gift Wrap but if something can look hideous over Port Red (my HG red lipstick that I have 2 back ups of), then it’s got to be pretty lousy.

    • codekiki Says:

      Gift Wrap is ugly. You are best off totally skipping these-not only do they look lousy, but they feel lousy and you get flakies left behind. Fun? Not quite. I mean, I like blingy, but these are not the right kind of blingy, that’s for sure.

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