MAC Superglass Now Online

5 May, 2010

So this is like a bigger, badder cousin of the Dazzleglass. You loved the intense sparkle? I did, in the early ones-then many of the later ones disappointed me. However, these are all about the shimmer, with three different sizes of shimmer particle for a truly 3-D look. In the tube? It looks like a flakie nail polish, a la OPI Merry Midnight. I will be going after work on Thursday or before work on Friday to try some of these out, so I can see how they truly look!

The carnage:
Sugar Overload-White beige
Disco Blend-Light tan
Sweet Tart-Pale pink
Superflash!-Midtone yellow pink
Gift Wrap-Light pinky peach
Totally Bang!-Fuschia
Cherry Electric-Bright cherry pink
Fab Frenzy-Deep blue purple
Tunnel of Love-Deep blue brown

Of these, I am definitely trying Gift Wrap, Totally Bang, Cherry Electric, and Fab Frenzy in store so I can see what they are like. They’re my sorts of colours, anyways. These are $18 each, and the coverage says “sheer medium” so don’t expect Manish Arora-level opacity, that’s for sure. These will be instore Thursday, so check it out.


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