Birthday Hauling

3 May, 2010

One thing that has become a birthday tradition for me? Hitting the outlets. I normally try to go at least every other month, but that hasn’t happened due to crazy work schedules! This time, it was nice because the whole family got to go along, so all was well.

First off, let’s start out with the big thing: my diamond ring. I actually got two rings-one from my boyfriend, one from my parents. The one from my boyfriend is a three-stone tanzanite ring, and it’s got an impact (it is tanzanite after all) without being too much as I can’t do a big ring at all. The other one-the one from the parents-is insane. It’s blue and white diamonds, I think 18 little pave-set ones of each, and it’s a looping pattern of sorts. I had the choice of that or one with channel-set rubies-and I may get the rubies eventually, but I loved the blue diamonds. It’s also something that I have never had, and I’ve only seen blues in real life ONCE. I don’t typically do diamonds-so this is insane. Best of all? It was a great clearance deal, marked down from $700 to just under $200.

The CCO is a natural place to hit-but the one thing I wanted (the MAC Brush with Style set) was not there. However, I did get a backup for Aquavert (as I am close to hitting pan on it), as well as Porcelain Pink MSF and then the Fun in the Sun mineralize kit. I was excited about the Mineralize kit as I had wanted it for Christmas-it has a 181SE, a Play on Plums MES (which I already have and admittedly never use), a Nuance MB, and a Shimpagne MSF. That brings my total MSF count up to 8, and I could have gotten a couple more Colour Craft ones but I held off. The funny thing was that there wasn’t a ton of stuff there that I actually would have bought, but there were many things that I would totally buy backups of (On A Mission blush, Stop Look Dazzleglass, Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme).

There also is one of those little perfume stores, and while they didn’t have any deals on perfumes I wanted, they did have a rack of testers that they were selling. I got a small bottle of Moschino Funny that is about 65% full for 8, and then a bottle of Fendi Palazzo that is about 85% full for $30. I’m liking them both-they’ve both got some citrus to them-and at the prices I paid, it’s okay if I don’t use it a ton. The bottles are also nice also, so I may be getting more testers in the future.At the Michael Kors outlet, I found exactly one great deal: a black jumpsuit for $20, in my size. It’s got a nice v-neck, wide straps (almost sleeves), and a belt to go with. It’s definitely not the sort of thing I already owned and for that price, you can’t exactly pass it up.

Finally I had to hit ULTA, in order to get the Hot Tools dryer in the ad that I wanted. Put it this way: it’s awesome. It is not only insanely lightweight, but it has an adjustable ion setting, as well as two speeds. On high speed, it dries my hair in roughly five minutes-which took triple the time with my mum’s heavy old Conair dryer. I haven’t tried the curling iron that I got with it yet, but oh well. This week only, also, there are the Barbie-edition Stila Smudge Pots and Lip Glazes, on sale for $10, so I picked up Cobalt Clutch and Purple Pumps. They also had some Wigo curling irons and flat irons for $10, as well as selected Artec liters. I may be paying a visit on Friday or Saturday…these are too good to pass up.

The one thing that has changed, though, since I started my current job-many other fashion retailers don’t interest me anymore. I went into Juicy and while there were some things that were nice, it was easy to leave empty-handed. There were others where I looked at some of the stuff and it was $50 on sale-and then I compared to dresses at work, which I had yet to buy because they were $50 and I wanted to wait for a sale, as opposed to paying $37.50 for them.


2 Responses to “Birthday Hauling”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I think it’s funny how you can live on opposite sides of the world but parents still give the same kind of birthday gifts! My parents gave me a Tanzanite ring for my birthday a few years ago but the design was a little too dated so I ended up with a diamond ring instead and my mother has the Tanzanite ring. Anyway, here’s wishing you a happy birthday!

    • codekiki Says:

      Thank you! For me, I mainly go to the outlets so they can buy me what I want, even though I gave a list (which inevitably gets forgotten about). My mum actually has an insane jewelry collection, which one day will be mine-there’s a lot of blue topaz, along with peridot, garnet, and citrine. She got a pink sapphire necklace for herself, which I almost got but I liked my ring a lot better.

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