Essie Summer 2010

1 May, 2010

Alrighty kiddos, I have seen a teaser of what the new Essies for summer will look like! Yes, the Resorts just came out. These, though, are coming out in early June, so I hope they don’t replace the neons (even though they probably will:().

The colours are:
Miss Matched-It looks, from the pic, to be a pale lilac, a grey with a hint of lavender in it.
Haute as Hello-A pale, pale coral.
Knockout Pout-A thinner, slightly more subtle version of Mod Squad?
Vermillionaire-Dark coral, almost a terracotta colour.
Demure Vixen-A plummy grey, potentially with frost.
Pretty Edgy-A midtone green.

Follow the link here to see for yourself!

What will I be getting? Probably nothing. Recently it has been in the news that Essie was bought by L’Oreal-and I do not use products by that company, due to their animal testing and so forth. I know many earlier looks and so forth had me using Lancome, but I have given away all of that stuff. If I were to get any, though, I would probably get Vermillionaire and Pretty Edgy.


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