Review: OPI DS Topcoat

28 April, 2010

I think it’s about time that I reviewed a topcoat-the only one of two that I own, honestly! When it comes to a topcoat, there are a few things I am looking for: dry time, glossiness, price, and ease of finding. Lasting power isn’t a huge deal for me, as I change nightly. Today-it’s the OPI DS, or Designer Series, topcoat. It was designed to go with the DS polishes, which are known for their diamond dust and in the earlier cases, super-intense holo shimmer. Nom nom nom…

Dry time: This isn’t like Seche Vite, in that it’s not designed to be a fast-drying topcoat. It does dry relatively fast though-I recommend putting it on wet polish because it helps even everything out and make it lovely.

Glossiness: This is one of the best things about it-you get a super high-gloss effect. I did it over (5 coats of) Essie Bright Tights, and it turned it into a super-glossy neon orange that not only got me a kajillion compliments, but could probably direct traffic in the process. Right now I have it on over OPI Fiercely Fiona, and again, it’s turned it into glossy loveliness. I will be trying it over my other neons, to see how it works out-hell, that’s a blog post for tomorrow! (OPI DS topcoat/neons)

Price: This is the sticking point: it’s $12.50 for the half-ounce bottle. I got my bottle free in a set that also had DS Reflection (hmm, that should be Friday’s NOTD) but still, it’s not cheap. You can definitely get cheaper elsewhere.

Ease of finding: Fairly easy. You can find it at any ULTA, Beauty Works, probably many salons, Trade Secret locations, and all over online.

Verdict? I love it, and you will too if you don’t mind coughing up the extra money for this.


One Response to “Review: OPI DS Topcoat”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Could you post a few pictures of your manicures with the DS Top Coat? It sounds amazing, but I would like to see what you mean by the very high gloss effect. Thank you! =)

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