OPI Shrek Forever After Now Available

28 April, 2010

…at least at some places. I went to numerous beauty stores today-and it was after 4 or 5 that I found the Shreks. What I will be doing, as I will not be getting them all at once, is reviewing them one at a time.

Overall, this is the sort of collection that we, the polish diehards, want OPI to do. Hell, get on the bandwagon too Essie! There are two purple-y shades, two blue-ish ones, and two green-ish ones, but they’re all different. They are all creams-that’s right, NO SHIMMER. These would be great for you polish blenders-in fact, I’m thinking of blending some of Fiercely Fiona with some of China Glaze L8R G8R.

I hope to have all the polishes by Sunday, but for now, I just have the two greens-Fiercely Fiona (a true chartreuse-not a common nail colour) and Who The Shrek Are You? (a bright green). Neither of which was represented AT ALL in my collection. Come to think of it, the ONLY colour I could possibly dupe would be Ogre-The-Top Blue, with the dupe being No Room For The Blues. Again, I have to see though. What’s With The Cattitude is a light blue, Rumple’s Wigglin’ is the lavender that I desperately need as I have neither Done Out in Deco or Do You Lilac It, and Funky Dunkey is a royal purple-the only thing similar in any sort of fashion, and what I have is way darker with frost/shimmer, is Essie Sexy Divide.

Also picked up Copper Mountain Copper and Shootout at the OK Coral on clearance:)

BTW, Seattleites-Beauty Works at Southcenter has the Shreks. Dunno about the others, as the one at the Village sadly closed:'( Trade Secret could be any day now, and ULTA did not know-but I have a hunch they’re being held for the 10th.


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