Beauty Commandments: Summer 2010

24 April, 2010

Think of this as my own version of the 10 Commandments, but these are things that you should do, beauty-wise.

Commandment 1: Thou shalt use SPF.
I mean, this is definitely a given. Not only do you protect against damage now, you protect against damage later. While many moisturizers have SPF, I would definitely take the plunge on a facial sunscreen, like the Clarins one. Sure, having a moisturizer with SPF is better than nothing, but the moisturizer kind of dilutes the SPF. A makeup primer is also good, as you’d put it on post-moisturizing. And while we’re at it, use it for your body, even for limited sun or indoors-I have developed numerous moles on my back just from being near glass windows or the low backs on some dresses that I wear.

Commandment 2: Thou shalt line your waterline.
I know that this may seem controversial, and some people say “NO WATERLINE!”. I do not tightline (lining the upper inner rim, that is below your lashes), but for the waterline it’s not only easy but it’s an easy way to add definition to your eyes and create a more finished look. Nowadays I feel like I look sickly if my waterline is not lined.

Commandment 3: Thou shalt get matched.
We’re talking about foundation and concealer here, folks! Something that is very helpful, and I’m not necessarily saying to buy, is to go to a salon or place that does makeup artistry, and ask for a consultation. There, they can work with your skintone, colouring, and concerns (be it acne, dryness, or aging) to get the right matches for you-which is important. I suggest having them set up something for your summer skin-have your summer shade, and then your winter shade. That way you don’t look pasty pale or overbronzed when you don’t need to be.

Commandment 4: Thou shalt not bronze so much.
If there is anything that certain unnamed television shows have taught us, it is that too much of the tanner can be a bad thing. But we’re not just talking about Fake Baking it or slathering up in self-tanners. We’re talking about all over the face as well! The only places where bronzes work in high quantities are on the eyes and on the nails, both fingers and toes. You only need a little bit for the face, and as for the body? That smears everywhere-and trust me, I know: I sell fashion. If there is one thing that Twilight has showed people, it’s that pale can be sexy, too. I am still going to hit the beaches, admittedly, but please do not overbronze. On some people, too much of a tan just looks unnatural.

Commandment 5: Thou shalt find your scent.
I am guilty of owning many perfumes-why, I just bought my latest one last night! However, is it worth it to have so many? No. It’s much better to spend a day just sampling various scents, and then build your fragrance wardrobe. I suggest a fragrance for each season, plus a nighttime scent or two, and then a nice, everyday scent that is a fallback. That way you actually use stuff, plus you get stuff that works with you. (spritzes two spritzes of Fleur de Corail)

Commandment 6: Thou shalt eat right.
In the summer, sometimes I like to pig out-but really, it’s a time to eat well. Why, with all the produce that is available, it’s almost crazy to NOT take advantage of it! I find that it’s not only really easy to get the recommended 8-12 servings, but it’s fun as well. Be it blending in a smoothie, eating a few clamshells of berries at the beach, or a nice sandwich or salad to cool off, you’re taking advantage of what’s out there, and filling your body with the good stuff. While not all of you may want to lose weight necessarily, I found that when I mainly ate Veggie Delite subs from Subway I was able to drop some weight.

Commandment 7: Thou shalt get on up.
Now this is one that some people may already be good on, but I admittedly am not besides my (highly physical retail) job. We’re talking about using the longer days to your advantage by hitting the pavement. Be it a nice bike ride, playing Frisbee with friends, swimming at the local beach, or just a walk on some trails in the evening, getting physical activity is good for so many things besides getting out and enjoying nature: you work off stress, you get to see God’s beauty before your eyes, and you get your circulation moving.

Commandment 8: Thou shalt be the beach beauty.
This is another controversial one-but just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you have license to slack off. Keep it simple, though-I stick to eyeliner, waterproof mascara, lipstick, and then some cream eyeshadow for a look that survives the water, the sweat, and the heat and still has me looking presentable. And if you can’t go without cheek colour, go for a cream blush, as it’s more water-resistant than just a powder.

Commandment 9: Thou shalt be sunny.
This is one that is more of an inner thing than a beauty thing, but it affects beauty: have a sunny, perky attitude and people will be more drawn to you. Sure, it may annoy people, but being genuinely nice is like flypaper for people. Also when you feel and act happier, you will look it as well. Not only that, but even just trying to fake it for awhile turns it into the real thing.

Commandment 10: Thou shalt get the right fit.
We’re talking all clothes, naturally-there is no shame in wearing a large size and working it like the rent is due. It’s much better to wear clothes that fit because they are designed to flatter, not have you looking like they poured you into them. That? Not sexy, especially in the summer. Why as far as my shorts go, I just got a pair of baggy-leg, high-waisted ones and they are amazing. Legit. But nowhere is this more important than in bras-and we are talking about the truth: that 9 of 10 women are wearing the wrong size. Why, I thought I was in the minority, but I went to a little lingerie boutique in my mall and went to try on what was my “size”…and turns out, I needed to go down a band size, but now I have an amazing fit and I feel 10 times better! I definitely feel that all women should get to a little lingerie shop-they’re everywhere these days-and get measured. Not only are they there to truly help you get your right size, but it’s just downright fun. Sure, the bras are pricey. I have never paid THIS much for a piece of clothing in my life, but some experts say that you should spend your money on some good brassieres because they are, after all, the foundation of your look. You also will feel better as you have the proper support-a good brassiere should not only support from the band as opposed to the straps (for the most part) but it should fit the best, when you buy it, on the loosest hook. Now, that’s not saying I can go strapless, cause I can’t. But still, knowing my fit means that a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. Literally.


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