New VS Beauty Rush

23 April, 2010

Alrighty, I am a huge Beauty Rush fanatic, and there’s a few new products that I will not only be checking out, but potentially buying as well!

First off, there are new Hypergloss shampoos and conditioners. I am definitely needing some new shampoo, and these come in three fragrances: Appletini, Juiced Berry, and Coconut Craze. They are $10 each, but 3/$25, so definitely a considerable bargain! My hair also does tend to stink, so the fragrance is something that appeals very greatly to me.

Second, there are three new psychadelic-themed fragrances in the bodycare: Punchadelic, Purple Hazeberry, and Watermelon Daze. Each comes in the Double Mist, Body Drink lotion, and Body Twirl shimmer lotion and are also a part of the 3/$25 deal. I would wait, though, til the sale-because more likely than not, these will hit the sale in June. The shampoos, though? Want.


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