ShopaHAULic Diaries (10 April)

10 April, 2010

So today’s edition of the Shop-a-HAULic Diaries deals with what this most recent check has gotten me! I got wants AND needs, and yeah, I did significant damage but I feel good:) First of all, from work, I got quite a bit of stuff. All wants, of course, but still good nonetheless.

Here’s what I got:
A striped 3/4 sleeved sweater that hits about mid-thigh-I got it in the three colours I didn’t already own: black, aqua, and red. (I owned the royal blue).
A pink wrap cardigan with ruffle detail
A green sequinned cardigan
A black dress that is jersey on the top and then ruffles on the bottom
A pair of black peep-toe stiletto ankle boots with diamond cutouts on the side
A pair of reddish-coral coloured shell disc earrings
A black sequinned pillbox hat (I had one already, but this is for embellishments)
A pair of black velvety shoulder-length gloves
A set of goldtone bangles
Two flower hair clips
A brown sequinned bikini top
A brown blazer
Two heart sweaters-black and a purple-ish colour with sequinned heart in the middle.

Total damage on that? Just under $140. Scratch the wants part-the bikini top was a need, because I don’t have one that will work, and the blazer is something I did not already own. Next up was at the MAC store, where I dropped just over $50 on two eyeliners and a brush. The eyeliners? Awesome. I will be doing a review of the Art Supplies collection, so you’ll hear my thoughts there, and the brush already has its own review:) Picked up a book as well at B&N-namely Laura Bennett’s “Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?”. The wit and anecdotes made it easily relatable, even though I’m 21, childfree, and a Seattleite. I highly recommend it. Gilly Hicks had a pretty nice clearance going on. Their entire Eucalyptus range of bodycare was marked down to $3, but in the $2 pile I got some small-size lotions (Blue Camden, Sweet Astor, and I think one other), and then on clearance they had for $10 an EDP (2.5 ounces) and $7 a lotion (8.4 ounces) of the Castlereagh. All of them are nice-the Gilly Hicks bodycare is far and away better than most of the BBW stuff I own. The lotions absorb horrendously fast but moisturize, and the body cream is not that bad either. Sweet Astor is a rhubarb vanilla. Yes, rhubarb. Not a common fragrance note AT ALL, and it smells so delightful on. (Yes, I just put some on). Blue Camden, meanwhile, was one I got when the GH store first opened in our area, and it’s still a favourite. The third, the Satin Bellow, is supposedly a bergamot, but I didn’t get that part of it. I normally hate bergamot-but this smells like bubblegum. The Castlereagh, though, is supposedly a blend of waterlily, jasmine, and tuberose. It’s very light on, and then has a lovely floral drydown. The packaging is nice, too-the perfume itself comes in a simple weighty glass bottle with matching silvertone stopper, and the lotion bottle is a square, pump-style bottle.

Payless also has BOGO right now, and I had one mission: work shoes, and I found one pair: some Christian Siriano pointy-toe greenish-gold flats, with a zipper detail on the toe/vamp. For $15, I couldn’t resist. Sure it’ll take a few days of breaking them in, but nothing I can’t handle. For my half-off item, I got a pair of $13 peep-toe low heels (about 3″) with some rhinestone detail on the vamp. They’ll be useful for Sundays when I don’t feel like breaking out Les Boots.

Had to hit Sally Beauty, because right now I was able to get the 32 ounce bottle of the acetone polish remover for $5. It’s definitely a steal, especially since it’s the best remover out there (in my eyes) and I like stocking up:)

Finally, there was something that was a “him and I” sort of thing: I got Graham and I sunglasses. I got him a pair of Reaction (Kenneth Cole) aviators that he was looking at (for only $15!), and then I got myself a pair of Versace sunnies that were additional 35% off the $80 (making it $52). They’re a white plastic frame, albeit a somewhat thin one. The temple has a crystallized portion of the Versace logo, and by that I mean it’s not a full logo, just a portion. I like taking Graham with me shopping, because he knows what works for me and what doesn’t. Simple as that:)

I guess I can say my shopping is most of the way done. If I get to the clothing reseller, I will be getting some cash (hopefully) and then that will go towards getting what I saw at the Rack today: a pair of burgundy Dior Cannage 2’s. I had a pair and they were stolen from me-they were like my babies. I actually started crying when I was holding the store pair in my hands. Yes, crying over sunglasses, but it’s like PB&J-they just go together with me well.


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