Review: MAC 228 Brush

10 April, 2010

I have no idea why in the world I put off buying this brush for so long-but brushes? Typically, they’re not the first priority for me. I’d rather have a new colour of this, or a new colour of that. But when some of the things I wanted to buy sold out? A brush it was. And for $19.50, it’s a handy little gem that may replace a couple brushes in normal use!

The head on this looks like a smaller version of the 213-slightly fluffy, but small (less than a centimeter wide), and tapered towards the center. I didn’t really get the whole tapering thing until recently, but it’s actually sort of obvious now: it helps you pick up more on the brush. Handy, eh? 

The size of the brush may be off-putting to some, but for my personal use, I love it because I like doing detail work, and this will work well with my 231. The 231 would probably be better for more of the emollient products, like cream shadows and so forth, and it’s also good for smudging and lining because of its thickness and flatness. This will help get the perfect proportions, without scattering as much as my old brush.

To be honest? If you’re just starting out in makeup, or if you are graduating to using some real fancy-schmancy brushes, this is one that I would say you absolutely have to have in your arsenal. It definitely doesn’t get much love, and for people like myself who value precision, it’s perfection. I don’t have a bad thing to say about it yet, and I’m sure that will stay the case.


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