MAC Pret-a-Papier Review, With Swatches

10 April, 2010

Yes, I know that this does not come out until the 23rd, however when I was at the MAC store yesterday on my lunch my favourite MAC guy asked me if I had seen it yet. I didn’t buy because it’s strictly presale right now, however this is a sort of collection that while it may NOT seem like my thing, I will be buying multiple items from it.

Long story short? This has several items that are great “everyday” things. By everyday, I don’t necessarily mean neutrals-I mean stuff that a wide variety of people will find usage in.

Let us start out with my personal favourite-the lipglasses. Yes, as of late, I have abhorred glosses because I love the creaminess of lipstick. But these may be some of the most pigmented lipglasses in recent memory. Kumquat and Electric Fuschia were both colossal failures IMO. I expected some pigmented goodness and instead…glorified sheers. Just what I needed more of (not). Fold & Tuck is absolutely bananas. It’s a light peach that does veer more onto the orange side, and it has a smidge of shimmer in there but it’s not super frosty. When I tried it on my lips, it was love at first sight-and mind you, I don’t normally do lights or glosses. That’s how good it was for me. Pigmentation, as alluded to before, is definitely there. We’re talking totally opague with one coat. Pret-a-Papier, while I did not try it on, is the same deal. On my hand, it was an intensely pigmented caramel bronze. I love those sorts of shades-although bronze on the lips can be tricky. I used to be a huge fan of Avon’s Canela Nacar lipstick, and this is fairly close to it, colour-wise, albeit with plenty more shimmer in this. Both of these will sell fast, and both of these will be mine. Joining them is C-Thru, which is permanent and in my eyes, utterly blah.

The blushes in this collection are also great. Two of them are Sheertone, one is a Mineralize (and repromote). The Mineralize blush, Light over Dark, is a basic neutral bronzey shade. Swirled together, I think it can work well for almost anyone, and with summer coming, maybe a little dip with your 187 for a hint of bronze wherever you need it the most. Instant Chic is a soft, soft coral-perfect for anyone who doesn’t like a ton of colour, but wants a little bit to work with them. Again, with summer coming, this is a perfect accent for the inevitably nice bronzed skin. Garb, meanwhile, is a light suntan shade, and I think you know what I’m going to say: the perfect summer shade.

*record breaks*

Seriously, though, it’s all you need blush-wise. I know that my Full Fuschia will be hibernating for most of the summer while I give blushes like Garb a lot of sweet lovin’.The Chromographic pencils are a big “Huh?” to me. These ones come in concealer shades, and it sounds like they’re meant to be used as a sort of neutral all-over liner-perfect for perking up the waterline or fixing a lipline. There will be some coloured ones coming out at PRO stores in the coming weeks-in fact these are LE at counters but will be permanent at PRO stores.

The lipsticks are hit or miss in this collection with me. Archetype is a sheer pale gold, a definite lustre if there ever was one! Dressmaker, Dressmaker and Made To Order are both lustres, with MTO being one step up seemingly on the colour gradient of coral-toned neutral shades. Kraft, though, is an Amplified, and a definite warm brown that is still on the lighter side.

The eyeshadows failed to impress me at all, sadly. Tissueweight is a shimmery frosty peachy-white, and pretty although it barely showed up on me. Cut to Fit is a bronze with a smidge of red tones to it, and it was the one shadow that impressed me. Memorabilia has been repromoted a few times, and it’s still the same ol’ dirty purple. Meh. Gazette Grey is one that sounds interesting-green-toned grey with golden pearl-but it also is a velvet, and thus annoying and difficult. Bamboo was not swatched, as it is a permanent product.

The Impeccable Brow Pencils were not something I had a chance to swatch; although they will be with this collection.

It’s been forever since there was a new Paint Pot (seemingly, and comparatively) and this one, Coral Crepe, is a funky little neutral coral. Pigmented, yes, but the Paint Pots aren’t really my thing. Additionally, Ground Work is repromoted.

Finally, there are two polishes, obviously not swatched by me though. Brown Bag is your plain ol’ brown bag neutral cream, however the star is Originality. It’s a hot super-shimmery bronze with lots of sparkle. Quite warm, too, and just delicious.

On an unrelated note, I have a comparison swatch of Show Orchid with Petals & Peacocks from the Liberty of London collection, and then a swatch of Just Add Colour. This pic made Show Orchid look really red, but in reality it’s brighter, pinker, and has the definite blue tones to it. Petals & Peacocks, on the other hand, runs significantly warmer. They are definitely NOT dupes. Meanwhile, Just Add Colour is gorgeous-pigmented, pinky-red, and all of that fun stuff.

Now for the swatches!

Top: Eyeshadows-Tissueweight, Memorabilia, Cut To Fit, Gazette Grey. Lipsticks-Archetype, Dressmaker Dressmaker, Made to Order, Kraft
Middle: Blush-Instant Chic, Garb. A bunch of Art Supplies swatches (more on that later). Paint Pot-Coral Crepe.

Lipglasses: Fold & Tuck, Pret-a-Papier. Below that are the Chromographic pencils, and the bottom left is the Mineralize Blush duo of Light over Dark. Oh yeah, the three other lip swatches are Show Orchid, Petals & Peacocks, and Just Add Colour.

This launches on the 22nd-I will be getting both the new lipglasses and both the blushes for sure. Other than that, nothing for me, however there is still great stuff to be had.


6 Responses to “MAC Pret-a-Papier Review, With Swatches”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Wow you’re the first blog I’ve read that is reviewing the collection. It seems like I won’t be getting much from it though, maybe except the nail polish in Originality.

  2. Alisha Says:

    Yay so I didn’t miss out on electric fuschia!

    • codekiki Says:

      I mean, it’s nice, but it honestly is so sheer that it’s like “What’s the point?”. With a few thick coats sure, you get opacity, but I had VERY high hopes because I wanted something like Ms. Fizz but in lipglass form, and I was disappointed. If you layer it over Show Orchid, then the hotness comes out. I wanted something that was that nice, bright pink-and Electric Fuschia just turned too sheer. I also expected more brightness to it, it’s very muted although it has the blue shimmer that I like.

  3. kia Says:

    yay! a review. my counter accidentally had it on sale, but was quickly taken down. i got a good haul though. i was impressed for a collection i expected to totally yawn on. i’m a big paint pot fan, so i was definitely in heaven. i even got a chromagraphic pencil. ha! i’ll see how much use i get out of that. the two sheertone blushes… *screams!* love em both!! too bad they only work for medium to light skintones!

    • codekiki Says:

      Yeah the store had the display up in the little curtained-off room that is used for the private makeovers, as well as a drinks station for when they do the launch/unveiling parties. It was mainly for preorders-but I still intend to get both the glosses and for the heck of it, both the blushes as well. The thing about the Chromographic pencils is that they will be permanent at the PRO stores (at least I believe so), so if I want one it’s not a huge deal. It’s not like, say, Electro lipstick.

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