MAC Art Supplies Review, With Swatches

10 April, 2010

Alrighty, if I mess up the lip stain things, apologies in advance:)

I like how this launch is all about a concept-but to me, there’s two separate ones. The first being the whole art supplies, so pencils and markers for colour and joy. But also, it’s about products that wear for a long time. I’m pretty much going to review this in chunks, as there isn’t a whole lot of differentiation in my eyes.

Let’s start with the Pearlglides-two of which I actually bought! These are not only very long-lasting, but they have a lovely amount of shimmer. I picked up Undercurrent (the green) which I have not had a chance to wear yet, and Industrial, which I am wearing right now. Put it this way, I haven’t seen a more unique pencil liner in ages. It’s like a blue/green/grey/purple shift with shimmer. I highly recommend it, because it goes with ANYTHING. Of the rest, I would like to get the purples, albeit not now as they aren’t as high of a priority for me.

The Greasepaint Sticks aren’t necessarily my thing. Greengrease was the one I would have wanted to swatch…and it sold out. Story of my life. However, a lot of people love them, they just aren’t for me that’s all.

Finally, the lip stains. They can bleed a little bit at first, so I recommend wearing a liner or a Chromographic Pencil with them. The selection of colours is interesting-I would have hoped for maybe some more pinks, and then something kind of out there but you can’t get everything. The next thing I would like to see in the Pro Longwear range? Blushes, although, I doubt that would happen. But anywhoo, these are the sort of thing that I think a lot of people will like, but I like my full-coverage Amplified lipsticks a lot better.

Now for swatches!

Pearlglides: Undercurrent, Designer Purple, Almost Noir, Black Line, Industrial, Petrol Blue
Greasepaint Sticks: Charred Mauve, Dirty, Slick Black, Below Ground, Zinc Zone, Brown, Now, Uniformly Blue 
Pro Longwear Lipstain: Stylesetter, Modern Mocha, Purposefully Red, Sunset, Point of View, Full of Flare, Runway Ripened


4 Responses to “MAC Art Supplies Review, With Swatches”

  1. kia Says:

    what? you didn’t pick up designer purple? both designer purple and undercurrent were sold out at my counter. i have industrial and i abs. love it! i have it on now. i hope to post my fotd soon!

    i’m not sure about greasepaints. i wanted them and the matching mineralized eye shadows the first go around. i didn’t get them so i was kind of over the whole concept. but i feel i need one, just for the collector/makeup obsession in me. ;p

  2. Saamantha Says:

    Because I have not learned my lesson, I ordered 4 of the pearlglide liners online. I’d have saved myself a lot of money if I’d only ordered the one. These irritate my eyes so, so, so much. It’s too bad because the colours are gorgeous.

    • codekiki Says:

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that:( They are definitely not for the waterline-for the waterline, I trust only Blacktrack Fluidline: no shimmer, no muss, no fuss, and it stays. But for regular lining? Have you tried any of the Urban Decay liners? I also heard from a girl at work that the Tokidoki for Sephora liners are amazing as well.

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