MAC Prep For Colour Now Online

6 April, 2010

Yes, there is even more, however this is similar to Colour Ready in that it’s mainly about Prep & Prime stuff and then a couple things of colour for a change of pace. I may be able to check this stuff out either Friday or early next week.

Eyeshadow: $14.50
Prepped for Glamour-Ashy, dirty brown (Frost)
Hey-Warm midtone beige (Veluxe Pearl, repromote Fafi Quad 1)
Sorcery-Midtone reddish brown (Satin. This may be a repromote, although I don’t know from which collection)

Lipglass: $14
Just Add Colour-Fuschia pink (Frost)

Now for the P&P products. This has a highlighting of the P&P SPF 50, but there is also a new product retailing for $40-it’s a skin brightening serum. The little (1 ounce) bottle promises a lot of help-ie smoothing, firming, and hydrating. To be honest, brightening is not the thing I need the most right about now, but for many people this may be something worth trying.

It hits counters and stores on Thursday.


2 Responses to “MAC Prep For Colour Now Online”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I asked for a sample of the Brightening Serum. I think it doesn’t feel like it does much on the skin. Maybe there’s a little brightening effect, but maybe that’s just a placebo effect. And I think you should get Just Add Colour. It’s very opaque and a gorgeous shade of hot pink. I wasn’t planning on buying it but after I’d swatched it, I needed to! I also got Hey since I hit pan on the depot from the fafi quad and I think I would back it up.

    • codekiki Says:

      Hey is the sort of shade that I think if you like it, it’s worth backing up. I’ve nearly run out of my pan of Crystal Avalanche, and that is my highlighter of choice because I am deceptively pale-somewhat olive, yes, but pale nonetheless. As far as Just Add Colour goes, I’ve tried to stay away from buying glosses. I just don’t wear them that often!

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