MAC Art Supplies Now Available

3 April, 2010

To be totally honest, I am loving the main USP of this collection: pencil/marker form items, like you are using your face as a canvas. Along with the good ol’ clear Lipglass, there’s three main things in this, including one new product form.

Greasepaint Stick: $17.50
These aren’t necessarily greasy, per se, but they do have quite a bit of shine to them, for a nice bit of texture. This expands on the ones released in Style Black and Dsquared2, with several newbies.
Zinc Zone-Soft gunmetal
Greengrease-Blackened forest green
Slick Black-True carbon black
Charred Mauve-Blackened violet
Brown, Now-Blackened burgundy
Below Ground-Blackened bronze
Uniformly Blue-Blackened navy
Dirty-Blackened taupe with pearl

Pearlglide Eyeliner: $14.50
These are more of a pearl than the glitter of the Softsparkle liners, but these are definitely still NOT waterline-approved, kiddos.
Industrial-Periwinkle grey
Almost Noir-Dirty plum
Designer Purple-Iridescent violet
Black Line-True black
Undercurrent-Blue teal (Note: this is already sold out on the MAC website)
Petrol Blue-Deep navy

Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker: $16
These are definitely designed to be a somewhat long-lasting stain, albeit probably drying, hence including the clear Lipglass as a part of this collection. Stains tend to look more natural as well, so it’s a good way to ease into colour.
Stylesetter-Hot pink
Full of Flare-Bright yellow coral
A Classic-Rose red
Purposefully Red-Dirty red coral
Sunset-Coral brown
Point of View-Light neutral
Tomorrow’s Coral-Midtone blue red
Runway Ripened-Berry plum red
Modern Mocha-Light Brown

This was available Thursday, although my laziness kept me from updating it, meow.


4 Responses to “MAC Art Supplies Now Available”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    I was so excited about this collection that my tummy was hurting the day it was supposed to come out in France. I just love pearlglides. But then on that day I found out that it *wasn’t* coming out until 2 weeks later, so imagine the disappointment I felt. But I discovered on their website that it was available so I purchased all 6 pearlglides, and a few days later when I dropped by the pro store to B2M a lipstick (I was going to compare Show Orchid, Girl About Town and Petals and Peacocks), I found the Art Supplies collection already launched there and I bought the other 3 greasepaint sticks that I didn’t order. In any case, I found Show Orchid and Petals and Peacocks too cool on me (NC30) and I also tried on Girl About Town and Full Fuchsia but I thought that Full Fuchsia applied more easily and so I went with that. If you’re going to review the Art Supplies collection, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

    • codekiki Says:

      I will definitely try and review it on my lunch on Friday; I kinda want to get a couple LoL pieces that I didn’t already (granted all I got was Shell Pearl).

  2. Sylvie Says:

    Oh I think birds and berries is a nice eyeshadow from Liberty Of London. I didn’t buy Strike a Pose when the Starflash collection was out because it was too muddy on me, but Birds and Berries isn’t too muddy. The special packaging makes me not want to depot though, which means that I’ll probably forget about it after a while.

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