Do’s and Don’ts: Easter Style

3 April, 2010

Alrighty, for many people Easter is a day where spring officially begins, fashion-wise: time to break out the whites, pastels, cardigans, and frothy dresses that have been hibernating in closets! But just because Easter is a candy-froth fashion day doesn’t mean you necessarily have to adhere to it all. These are my tips for everything, and hope this may help!

DON’T: Do pastels if you don’t want to. Seriously, even though Easter is a happy day, about the celebration of new life, you don’t have to wear Easter-egg colours. You can wear brights, you can wear neutrals, you can wear black or red or whatever! If you absolutely must stick a pastel in (if you don’t normally wear them), hair accessories and nail polish are two ways of doing it.

DO: Do a floral motif of some sort. Even if it’s just a floral-ish brooch, get a little something in there. I plan on wearing red-but the bottom of my dress, as well as my jacket, are a rosette textured design.

DON’T: Show up looking like Elvira. Even if you like wearing the darker colours, keep the silhouettes a bit more flowy. Also don’t go super dark on the makeup, especially for church. Smokey eye your signature? Do a brown version, or a purple version-it’s not only less harsh, but it’s brightening for the eyes.

DO: Feel free to take a risk or two. If you are going to see people who you don’t see often, do something that will shock them, fashion-wise. Be it a different cut of dress than you are normally used to, a dress if you normally just wear pants, or a funky accessory or skittle nails (different colour on each nail), use it as a way to surprise the people you are close to.

DON’T: Eat warm chocolate. Not only is it way too messy on your hands and clothes, but it gets in your teeth and all over your face. I prefer Jelly Bellys or better yet, peppermints-less mess, and more glamour.

DO: Enjoy. Whatever your traditions may be-be it attending church and then family stuff, or just a quiet day in, enjoy it. Enjoy the food, the candy, and everything that may go along with the day.


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