Urban Decay Summer 2009

30 March, 2010

Okay, first and foremost: ELDORADO IS A PERMANENT EYE PENCIL!!!!! If anything else, THAT is what I was hoping for: the lovely, true gold to be mine permanently. I will rush-buy this first thing when it hits my Ulta.

Now after that hemming and hawing, there’s some VERY interesting new products out. Follow me, kiddos!

First up, we have three makeup setting sprays. This is the sort of thing I am into, and I ought to give it to Mary, a girl from my work, who does hair for a living so that she doesn’t have to run to the finishing powder as often. There are three different varieties: the All-Nighter, which is for long-lasting results, the Dew Me, which is moisturizing, and the De-Slick, which helps to control oil. Each 4 ounce bottle is $29, and they’re oil, paraben, fragrance, and cruelty free, as well as vegan-friendly. I may have to pick up the All-Nighter for myself…

Also, for summer, I can’t emphasize the importance of moisturizing ENOUGH. The Guardian Angel is your answer if you’re lazy like me-carry it in your beach bag for a refresher on dry skin! It says that it works for even acne-prone skin, and that it can help extend makeup wear. It’s formulated with SPF 8 (translation: BYOS), and like the setting sprays, is completely vegan. It’s $26 for a 4-ounce bottle-it’s not going to replace my Murad, but this is another thing that looks appealing.

If you liked the Pocket Rocket glosses (full disclosure: I didn’t), there are two new shades (and men) to choose from. You can pick Colin (fireman), which is an orange-y red, or you can pick Max (surfer), which is a pinky-nude. The Colin gloss has him with a puppy in both shots-actually, kinda cute! My boyfriend would absolutely flip if I got one of these, though, so gotta stay away.A favourite for summer? Tinted moisturizers. They don’t melt in the heat, but they help to even things out-and well, there’s the new Urban Defense shades, which are formulated with SPF 20 and like many other skincare products from UD, oil, fragrance, and paraben free (and vegan). Four shades are available-Halo (light), Bodyguard (medium light), Bulletproof (medium), and Forcefield (medium dark). Each 1 ounce bottle is $32.

The new summer palette is the Summer of Love set, which features Chopper, Maui Wowie, Smog, and Flash, along with Bourbon in mini size and Sin UDPP in mini size for $29. I have all that stuff from various other things, but I like the portability.

The thing that most people I interact with will love, though, is the new Nail Kit. The shades are Shine On (beige sparkle), Woodstock (neon pink), Lovelight (baby pink sparkle), Hashbry (electric orchid), Magic Bus (emergency orange), Aquarius (electric teal), and Psychedelic Sister (bright coral). It’s $28 for the set, but I absolutely hate mini bottles so I will give this a pass. It’s also big-3 free (could care less) and vegan (yay!).

Finally-EL DORADO!


2 Responses to “Urban Decay Summer 2009”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Oh that is really awesome news! I bought the entire stash kit a few months ago just to have the Eldorado pencil and I’ve been refraining from using it to avoid running out of it since it’s so tiny. MAC’s Powersurge just doesn’t show up on me and I think that Eldorado shows up perfectly. Weeeeeeeeeee!

    • codekiki Says:

      That’s the thing about the UD pencils; they actually, for the most part, show up. They need to fix the packaging though because the caps fall off way too easily-I have to chuck my mini of Lust because it’s all dried up. The good news is that for us in the US, at least, UD has Friends/Family going on right now.

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