MAC Trip 2…online?

28 March, 2010

Yes, I’m not lying to you! What was a collection exclusive to duty-free stores is now, for the most part, online. The one thing that isn’t, the warm eyes palette, is the thing I wanted the most. Oh well! The good and bad thing, though? I want most of it. It is online exclusive for now, but still fairly reasonable, I say.

Eye palettes: $38
Cool Eyes
Prismique-Off-white with silver frost (Lustre, Adorn)
Springtime Skipper-Midtone mint green with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl, Barbie Loves MAC)
Waternymph-Soft teal with emerald pearl (Frost, Lure)
Knight Divine-Black with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl, permanent)
Flashtrack-Midnight blue with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl, permanent)

Neutral Eyes
Bisque-Soft muted pink beige (Matte, permanent)
Say Yeah!-Peachy coral with yellow frost (Veluxe Pearl, Rebelrock)
Sable-Gold plum with bronze pearl (Velvet, permanent)
Mineralism-Tarnished silver with frost (Lustre, Lustrevision)
Bateau-Wood brown (Matte, D’Bohemia)

Warm Eyes (if it shows up, figure gotta have it right?)
Whistle-Pastel pink (Veluxe Pearl, Barbie Loves MAC)
Da Bling-Pink with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl, permanent)
Leisuretime-Plum with pearl (Veluxe Pearl, Belle Azure)
Cassette-Blackened eggplant (Veluxe Pearl, Heatherette Trio 2)
Parfait Amour-Blue-violet with shimmer (Frost, permanent)

Eye/Cheek palettes: $32 (Note: The Classic one, which was the one I liked the most, ain’t up:()
Bronze Eye/Cheek
Eversun (Beauty Powder Blush)-Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl (Style Warriors, BPB original launch)
Magic Dust-Soft white gold (Frost, Barbie Loves MAC)
Elite-Brilliant bronze with pearl (Veluxe Pearl, Belle Azure)
Smut-Charcoal with red frost (Velvet, permanent)

Neutral Eye/Cheek
Shy Beauty (Beauty Powder Blush)-Pastel apricot with gold pearl (Beauty Powder Blush original launch)
Sunday Best-Ivory with frost (Lustre, Lingerie)
Girlie-Rosy pink with subtle shimmer (Satin, permanent)
Agate-Deep brownish red with red frost (Lustre, Adorn)

And for the sake of continuity, let’s bring up the Classic, shall we?
Sweetness (Beauty Powder Blush)-Intense blue pink (original BPB launch)
Lightfully-Pale pink with silver sparkle (Lustre, Lightful Colour, which was an Asia-only launch)
Idol Eyes-Silvery violet with gold accents (Lustre, permanent)
Print-Muted grey with shimmer (Satin, permanent)Looks like for the lips, we don’t have the Cool Lips.

Lip Palette: $22.50
Neutral Lips
Poetic License (Lipglass)-Coral rose (Cream, Naturally Eccentric)
Expensivo-Nude with low-level white pearl (Frost, Belle Azure)
Plastique-Frosty bronze with pearl (Frost, permanent)

Warm Lips
En Pointe (Lipglass)-Pastel pink with white pearl (Frost, Danse)
Strange Hybrid-Silvery midtone pink with silver pearl (Frost, Strange Hybrid)
Tempt Me-Berry plum with low pearl (Lustre, permanent)

Another for-the-sake-of-continuity: the Cool Lips.
Sprightly (Lipglass)-Freshwater oyster pink (Frost, Novel Twist)
Mlle-“Pillow-talk” pink (Glaze, Femme Noir)
Pink Maribu-Rich pinked mauve (Frost, Lingerie)

Lip bags: $34.50
Pink Lips (currently OOS, but will ship soon)
Creme de la Femme-Gold laced baroque pink (Frost, permanent)
Flashtronic-“A hot intense flash of fuschia” (Lustre, Hipnotique)
Heartthrob-Pink kissed lilac (Frost, Fine ‘n Dandy)

Rose Lips
Mischievious-Pale peach (Frost, Tempt Me)
Fresh Moroccan-Rich brick red with golden shimmer (Frost, permanent)
Mouthwatering-Light neutral beige with pearl (Frost, Sweetie Cakes)

Coral Lips
Festivity-Midtone coral pink with gold pearl (Frost, Balloonacy)
Eager-Blushed coral (Lustre, Salsabelle) (Note about this colour: I’ve seen it IRL, it’s awesome.)
Prrr-Soft peachy pink with icy shimmer (Frost, permanent)

Brush sets: $49.50
Basic Brushes

Advanced Brushes

I definitely want all three of the eye palettes, and the lip bags are worth a look but I can get Eager at the outlet anytime. Also, I’d rather get the Brush of Style or whatever it is brush set, which is four full-sized brushes for just about $90-four brushes that I need desperately. Hopefully with my birthday coming up…:)


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