Review: MAC Metal Maven Lipstick

13 March, 2010

Very rarely does a lipstick come along that I actually am interested in-and for the most part, if I like it I buy a backup or two. Why? I like to have a capsule collection. Lord knows I have enough stuff that I don’t use, so this is a way of trying to control the madness.

So when I saw the Metal Maven lipstick, my thought was “Oh, this is the same stuff I did back in 7th grade”. And seriously, 10 years ago, I did silver lips. I didn’t just do silver, I did gold, blue, vampy purple, you name it, because Wet & Wild sold it. Looking back, part of me wants to cringe. There are pictures of me at a family event where I am wearing the dark lips and yeah, it’s not pretty. But I also think how cool I was then, how I was willing to do anything. Fast-forward to the present day, and I first thought that it would be fun, but not necessarily necessary. Then taking second, and third, and fourth looks at it…I had to get it. And well, let me just say that I am glad that I did.

First off, it’s a frost finish, as opposed to a glaze. That’s one way of not going as soft and commercial, as every single frost I own has been richly pigmented and just delightful. This is absolutely the same way. The one thing is that this is best with a concealer underneath so as to hide the natural lip line, but even without you’re still going to get the colour. It is buildable; one coat gives a nice amount of colour but still allowing the natural lip colour to peek through, while more allow the nice silver look. This is not a jet grey sort of silver, this is a whitened silver. Think tinsel but softer-in fact, I definitely think of China Glaze’s The Ten Man when I think of this.

With a lippie like this, you’ll want to make sure to have it on hand for easy reapplication. I find that when working, I’d have to apply every two hours or so. That’s the other sticking point, but overall, this lipstick is a must if you like quirky things, which I definitely do. Part of the fun of the Riveting collection was that it was designed to be a sort of thing where you can layer things to make them work for you. I haven’t tried this and Show Orchid together yet, but that may be interesting to try sometime. At the very least, it may be a good sort of top piece for a lipstick to give it some oomph. For me, though, I like it on its own, no additives, fillers, or frills.


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